Going Global: How to Expand Into International Amazon Marketplaces With Jana Krekic [Ep. 97]

Going Global: How to Expand Into International Amazon Marketplaces With Jana Krekic [Ep. 97]

Greg Elfrink July 26, 2022

International expansion is a great way to scale your Amazon business, but many sellers don’t speak the local language of the market they are trying to infiltrate. 

To solve this problem, sellers use software like Google Translate to help them translate their existing sales copy, but according to Jana Krekic, this approach often hurts sellers more than it helps them.  

Jana is the founder and CEO of YLT Translations, an agency that helps Amazon sellers translate their listings, sales copy, and keyword research to suit various foreign markets. Jana believes that human-based translations help sellers to better navigate the nuances of foreign languages in a way that software cannot. 

In this episode, we discuss the language differences that often trip sellers up, the pros and cons of using AI to generate your sales copy, and the international rules and regulations sellers should be aware of.

We also discuss the risks and rewards of international expansion, which countries to expand into first, and the steps sellers should take to ensure a smooth transition into foreign marketplaces. According to Jana,

“If you want to enter an international Amazon marketplace, the number one thing you should do is market research. That is crucial. After that, you should focus on creating keyword-driven content. The Amazon content rules are less strict in Europe than in the US, so you can use that to your advantage.” 

Lastly, Jana shares some insights into Amazon’s expansion plans, including the new countries they will be launching marketplaces in, and the opportunities this creates for Amazon sellers around the world. 

If you have set your sights on global expansion, then listen in to this conversation to find out how to conquer foreign Amazon marketplaces.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The services that YLT Translations offers Amazon sellers (03:22)
  • Jana walks us through her background and entrepreneurial journey so far (05:34)
  • How AI competes with human-based translations (11:13)
  • The opportunities Amazon sellers can tap into by expanding internationally (16:55)
  • Nuances other than languages differences that sellers should be aware of (28:39)
  • International rules and regulations that often trip sellers up (34:14)
  • New Amazon marketplaces that will be opening in the coming year (39:14)
  • The foundation’s sellers should have in place before they expand internationally (40:34)
  • Risks sellers should be aware of when moving into foreign FBA marketplaces (44:43)
  • The European countries you should expand into first (48:21)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to adjust your Amazon listings to suit international marketplaces.

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