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How to Get a 60% ROI on Your Website in Less Than 6 Months With Zach Zorn [Ep.103]

How to Get a 60% ROI on Your Website in Less Than 6 Months With Zach Zorn [Ep.103]

Greg Elfrink September 14, 2022

Building and acquiring websites is a great way to make money online. But growing these sites can be a slow process if you don’t know which levers to pull to improve your traffic and conversions. 

Luckily for Zach Zorn, he quickly figured out which key areas to focus on – a discovery that lead to a 60% ROI on his website in under six months! After making a successful exit from that site, he decided to share his online business knowledge with the world. 

Zach is the owner of Money Nomad, a website that provides digital entrepreneurs with tips and strategies on how to grow their businesses. Money Nomad also collaborated with Empire Flippers to open up an online business marketplace selling businesses that fall below our minimum valuation threshold. 

In this episode, Zach joins us to discuss the origins of Money Nomad and how it evolved from a simple content site into a fully-fledged marketplace. 

We dive into the techniques and frameworks Zach uses to grow his website portfolio, including making the best use of different monetization methods, and optimizing the website’s CRO to maximize profits. According to Zach,

“When it comes to content sites, making sure you have the correct affiliate offerings and creating call-to-action buttons are quick wins that buyers can take advantage of. Literally adding blue, red, or green buttons that tell people what you want them to do really helps with conversions. If possible, you should also update your theme to a faster, cleaner theme.”

Zach also walks us through his acquisition strategy, his experiences using the Empire Flippers marketplace, and the pros and cons of buying businesses privately vs through a broker.

Whether you’re shopping around for your first website acquisition, or you’re an experienced content site owner, this episode is jam-packed full of valuable information that can help you accelerate your website’s growth.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Zach explains how he became involved with the online business industry (02:37)
  • What attracted Zach to the first content site he bought from Empire Flippers (07:52)
  • How Zach got a 60% ROI from his website in less than 6 months (09:56)
  • The techniques and frameworks Zach uses to grow his portfolio of websites (16:22)
  • The pros and cons of buying businesses privately vs through a broker (23:00)
  • The evolution of the Money Nomad website and marketplace (26:40)
  • The Money Nomad marketplace commission structure (32:07)
  • The online business trends Zach foresees in the near future (35:05)
  • Zach’s goals and vision for the future of Money Nomad (39:38)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and discover a few simple tips and tricks to increase your website’s traffic and conversions.

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