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How to Turn Your SaaS Site Into a Conversion Machine With With Chris Silvestri [Ep.109]

How to Turn Your SaaS Site Into a Conversion Machine With Chris Silvestri [Ep.109]

Greg Elfrink November 15, 2022

Attracting a high volume of traffic to your site means very little if your traffic isn’t converting into sales. So, how do you turn window shoppers into paying customers? 

According to Chris Silvestri, it’s all about positioning. 

Chris is the founder of Conversion Alchemy, an agency that combines copywriting and UX design with clever digital psychology tricks to help SaaS business owners improve their website conversions. 

In this episode, Chris joins us to reveal what he believes is the root of most conversion problems – many SaaS entrepreneurs don’t fully understand their audience. 

Chris explains that achieving product-market fit is not enough on its own. You need to narrow down your target audience and truly understand what drives them. This knowledge feeds your positioning, helping you create a website that clearly communicates why consumers should purchase your product. 

Chris goes on to explain the different categories he covers when compiling audience research and how to use this data to inform the copy on your site. According to Chris, 

“There are three categories of messaging that you should have on your site. First, is motivation – what brings customers to your site, and does your product provide what they need? Second, is value – are the features and solutions your product provides made clear on your site? Finally, address consumer anxiety by countering objections and instilling trust.”

Chris also sheds some light on the common mistakes SaaS owners make when writing copy for their sites and the essential features every good SaaS site should have.

If you’re looking for that extra push that will convince consumers to stop browsing and start buying, then follow Chris’s advice on how to optimize your SaaS product positioning.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Chris shares a brief overview of his entrepreneurial journey so far (02:06)
  • The unique challenges SaaS owners face when it comes to copywriting (06:08)
  • Why many SaaS owners don’t fully understand their audience (09:20)
  • The framework Chris uses to conduct audience research (10:26)
  • The features every good SaaS site should have (13:05)
  • How often you should revisit your brand positioning (18:00)
  • How to narrow down which audience you should focus on (19:40)
  • Common mistakes SaaS owners make when writing copy for their sites (25:55)
  • Product problems are often audience problems in disguise (30:59)
  • The toughest obstacles Chris faced when building Conversion Alchemy (33:50)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to correctly position your SaaS product to increase conversions!

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