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How an SEO Expert Exits Profitable Content Sites With Perrin Carrell [Ep. 79]

How an SEO Expert Exits Profitable Content Sites With Perrin Carrell [Ep. 79]

Sarah Nuttycombe March 16, 2022

With Google algorithm updates regularly changing the game, what is the secret to a consistent, long-lasting SEO strategy?

Perrin Carrel believes the answer lies in providing true value to your readers. Perrin is an SEO expert and co-founder of, a boutique SEO agency that offers a holistic approach to boosting organic traffic. 

In this episode, prepare to get swept up in the highs and lows of Perrins epic SEO comeback story. He shares details of his run-ins with PBNs and the resulting fallout that crippled his first big site. He then describes the SEO techniques that allowed him to rise from the ashes and reclaim success by building his first supersite in the pet niche. According to Perrin,

“The core building blocks of white hat SEO are keeping the user in mind and making link building mutually beneficial. All of the content on your site should truly serve the user and make their life a millimeter better rather than a millimeter worse.” 

Perrin also talks about his personal exit strategies and sets the record straight on the various myths and misconceptions that plague the SEO industry. 

Settle in for a masterclass on how to create a holistic SEO strategy that’ll keep readers coming back for more!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Perrin got involved in the crazy world of SEO (03:20)
  • The lessons Perrin learned from the downfall of his first content site (08:50)
  • Perrin’s experience with black & gray hat link building tactics in today’s industry (15:10)
  • The core building blocks of a white hat SEO strategy (18:57)
  • The link building approach that led to the most growth on Perrin’s sites (22:32)
  • How Perrin identified the right time to sell his previous sites (25:56)
  • Building a content site with a future exit in mind (30:04)
  • Why Perrin transitioned away from building sites into running his own agency (33:17)
  • Common myths and misconceptions in the SEO industry (42:12)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to build an SEO strategy that will benefit you and your readers! 

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