Grow Online Acquisitions - Opportunity Podcast ep14

The Opportunity Ep.14: How to Execute and Grow 4 Online Acquisitions in One Year

Sarah Nuttycombe December 16, 2020

In this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Alex Renaud, CEO of, and a portfolio buyer of multiple Amazon FBA businesses from our marketplace. Alex has systematized his deal flow and acquisition process, enabling him to make 4 successful acquisitions in a year.

In his interview, Alex explores the ins and outs of multiple acquisitions in a relatively short amount of time. He breaks down what levers to pull to grow a newly acquired asset, when to improve your product versus improve your brand, and how to leverage a broker for deal flow. He’s managed to grow all of his acquisitions to date and looks to continue growing his portfolio. Beyond just return on investment, he talks about the importance of buying for the future and building a philosophy you believe in into your portfolio.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to learn how to make quick acquisitions and boost their cashflow.

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • How Alex gained the capital to start his own portfolio
  • When to hedge bets with inventory during a spike in demand
  • How to get into international markets and leverage your country expertise
  • How to look for upside in a potential acquisition


* A quick update: one of our chosen listings is no longer on the marketplace but don’t get too disappointed! We have another great listing that ticks some of the same boxes. Listing #49170 an Amazon FBA created in September 2018 in the occasions and gifts niche making $14,090 on average per month in net profit.

We hope you enjoy the episode! Have interesting insights on growth opportunities in online business? Know any useful tips when it comes to growth? Either way, leave us a comment below, give us a shout on your favorite social media platform, or leave us a great review if you’re loving the show.

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