Finding the Right Funding Options to Scale Your FBA Business - Opportunity Podcast ep46

Finding the Right Funding Options to Scale Your FBA Business [EP. 46]

Sarah Nuttycombe July 29, 2021

On this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Don Henig, the Founding Partner of Accrueme, a service that provides Amazon funding to help FBA sellers grow quickly and increase their profits. Don explains how he went from working in the mortgage and real estate industry to growing an Amazon funding platform built on trust and partnership with sellers.

Don and his team have been helping FBA sellers scale their brands with this idea: “Accrueme only wins, if the seller is winning”. Don chose to step outside of the typical loan structure of most funding companies, and instead works with sellers to get the funding they need without being held to strict payment plans. We take a deep dive into all the funding options available for FBA sellers on the market today, common mistakes business owners make when sourcing capital for expansion, and how you can better prepare your business for a profitable exit. This episode is full of some great information for any and all FBA business owners looking to gain the capital they need to take their business to the next level and one episode you will surely not want to miss.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to learn how sourcing the right funding for your FBA business can help you reach new heights.

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • Common mistakes that FBA sellers make when sourcing outside funding
  • Where to find the best financial backing based on your business and personal goals
  • What FBA financial backing can do for your growth strategy
  • The options that sellers have when obtaining working capital
  • Hidden fees that many sellers are unaware of when sourcing financial backing for their business
  • How to implement financial backing properly to gain the most from your exit


We hope you enjoy the episode! Have interesting insights on growth opportunities in online business? Know any useful tips when it comes to growth? Either way, leave us a comment below, give us a shout on your favorite social media platform, or leave us a great review if you’re loving the show.

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