Growing Your Affiliate Site into an Online Media Empire with Gael Breton [Ep.133]

Growing Your Affiliate Site into an Online Media Empire with Gael Breton [Ep.133]

Greg Elfrink June 13, 2023

Building an affiliate site is a great way to earn money online. But if you really want to maximize your profits, you need to scale your business beyond affiliate revenue.

In this week’s episode, we interview someone who has done just that and has built a thriving business around teaching others how to replicate his success.

Gael Breton, the co-founder of Authority Hacker, joins us to share how he turned a simple educational website into the giant that is Authority Hacker today.

He shares valuable tips on how to grow your affiliate site by branching out into different monetizations, adding profit maximizers to your offering, and using the right tone in your sales messaging.

He reveals why business owners should avoid becoming the face of their brand and how he is earning back his time by training AI to manage his schedule. He also explains how to adjust your pricing as your business grows. According to Gael,

“In terms of pricing, charge more than you think you could. Think about what you would charge and add 30% or 40% to that. You will make less sales, but you will probably make more profit and that’s all that matters in the end. Building a loyal audience is really the key. They’ll be willing to pay whatever the price is for what you’re selling as long as you provide value.”

Finally, Geal discusses the pros and cons of building websites on expired domains, before he and Greg debate AI’s impact on the future of SEO.

Gael is a fountain of knowledge, so whether you are new to the affiliate marketing space, or you’re searching for ways to grow your existing affiliate business, this episode is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Gael shares the background story behind Authority Hackers (03:00)
  • The obstacles Gael faced while building the Authority Hacker courses (08:38)
  • Why business owners should avoid becoming the face of their business(10:51)
  • Gael’s new experiment: training an AI to be his new VA to gain his time back (15:44)
  • How Authority Hacker structured their course pricing as their business grew (19:34)
  • The effectiveness of profit maximizers and to add them to your business (25:03)
  • Using the right tone in your sales messaging (30:04)
  • The future of Authority Hacker (34:35)
  •  The core elements beginners should focus on when building their first affiliate site (38:30)
  • Gael’s experience building sites on fresh domains vs expired domains (45:02)
  • Gael’s view on the future of SEO (54:15)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to expand your website beyond affiliate revenue!

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