(The Entrepreneur Ridealong) Building A Healthy Food Niche Site From $0 to $10,000: First Article

Nell VH October 20, 2023

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This blog post is a summary (rather than a direct transcription) of the screen share video, repurposed for improved clarity.

How can we create a comprehensive content strategy that addresses the needs and interests of our target audience within our chosen niche?

Normally I would start with a Google search of the topic I want to cover. Nowadays however we can go to tools like ChatGPT and ask the same query. Using AI, we can automate the process quite a bit.

If you search something like, “what are the most painful things for moms who bake and what are their dreams/goals” then ChatGPT will give you the base of the article from the beginning. We start with a keyword like “pain” because you’ll be able to write a post that directly solves the problem for the reader.

Using the baking example from before, you can then ask the AI to give you a list of title ideas for the topic. Once you have your topic ideas, you can select the topic with the toughest problems to solve and then ask the AI to give you an outline on that topic.

What types of content (e.g., informative, educational, entertainment) should we focus on, and how can we ensure a balanced approach?

This depends on your topical map and where you want to establish authority within your niche. All of the various types of content are important. For example, TopHydroponicGarden.com is a site where I have lots of topical authority and have published a wide range of articles.

Establishing that authority through content then makes it very easy to sell products via affiliate links and other methods.

What are the crucial on-page SEO elements to consider while writing the article? (e.g., optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, headers)

Some of the crucial elements are your topical score, NLP keywords, internal linking, and external linking. You can use apps like Strell to monitor your various posts and make sure that they’re well-optimized including your meta descriptions, title tags, etc.

How can I structure the article and format the content to maximize its search engine visibility?

First, you should focus on the outline. Do not rely on just the AI outline but rather make sure you’re looking at the top 20 SERP results and then you can ask the AI to build an outline around it. You can use Frase.io or other apps that will help you visualize the article and it will also give you important insights on competitors, and how you could improve on what they’ve done.

Additionally, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the intro of the article. Answer their questions first but make sure you have a hook to keep them curious. This should encourage them to read more of the article.

It’s also a good idea to add something that establishes your expertise in writing on the topic.

What’s the recommended article length to ensure comprehensive coverage while keeping readers engaged?

The best way to approach this is to look at what the competitors are doing are write articles of similar length.

How can I maintain the quality of the content in terms of accuracy, relevance, and value to our readers?

My primary method is to maximize readability. You can ask AI to proofread the article first and then read it yourself. It’s best if you have an interest in the topic so that it’s something you want to read.

When and how should we integrate authoritative external links to enhance the credibility of the article?

Always, I usually put at least two external links in each article. Wikipedia can be a great source as long as you don’t use it too much. Google actually relies a lot on Wikipedia so it tends to be a good source for external links.

Which key performance indicators (KPIs) should we monitor to evaluate the article’s success in driving traffic and engagement?

The most important KPI is going to be impressions and impression growth. This is the best way to evaluate your success on Google rankings and gives you a good insight into what is performing well.

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