(The Entrepreneur Ridealong) Building A Healthy Food Niche Site From $0 to $10,000: Building the Site and Setting Up Hosting

Nell VH December 8, 2023

Entrepreneur Ridealong Alton Alexander

This blog post is a summary (rather than a direct transcription) of the screen share video, repurposed for improved clarity.

What hosting environment do you recommend and does this affect your site’s visibility?

I usually use any shared hosting that is reliable. I choose Dreamhost, Host Armada, or Hostinger.

How do you handle site speed optimization?
For site speed optimization I use tools like WPRocket, Shortpixel, and Perfmatters. These sites can give you good insight into how to optimize your site.

What SSL and security measures should be implemented?

You can implement SSL and security measures directly through the hosting site or Ezoic.

For security specifically, it depends on the size of the site. If the site already has a lot of traffic and income, I will use managed WordPress hosting through WPX.com. They have speed optimization and malware security that you can take advantage of.

Two of my big sites that have 20k visits got hacked by spam malware and I used Sucuri and they were able to solve the issue.

How do you manage URL structure and redirects?

I keep the URL structure as simple as possible. Just use the format yourdomain.com/post-title for the best results.

What server location and DNS configuration should you choose?

The server should be from where your main market is. In my case, it is in the USA so I make sure and choose hosting with servers in the US. Since I used Ezoic, everything is managed by their platform.

How has my site survived Google HCU?

My hard work on optimizing my SOP in writing the articles all these months was fruitful. Although the site has not significantly increased, it has survived many Google updates and should continue to do well.

I will share some screenshots and insights of growth in the video attached to this post.

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