EFP 99: Building A Brand Empire (With Jordan Harbinger)

Justin Cooke June 26, 2014

Today’s guest has been kidnapped twice, speaks 5 languages, and even has a voice spot in Grand Theft Auto IV.

As if that weren’t enough, he’s also building an empire online through both personal and professional branding.

Introducing Jordan Harbinger, the Creator of The Art of Charm Podcast

Today we have Jordan Harbinger from JordanHarbinger.com (Formerly Art of Charm) on our show and he’s done all the above and more.

Jordan Harbinger from The Art of CharmJordan has been featured on shows like The Today Show and has built a mini-empire in the coaching, dating, and self-improvement category. He doesn’t have your ordinary entrepreneurial story.

We talk about Jordan’s background and how he got started, the truth about hiring, personal brands vs. business brands, and improving your online visibility.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Jordan’s story of how he used networking/communication to create a business.
  • How having a tight focus is more beneficial than being a jack-of-all-trades.
  • Product Vs. Tribe/Audience. Which comes first and is more important?
  • How to separate your personal brand if you’re looking to sell your business.
  • Tips on improving your online visibility.
  • Why most blogs you read online are bologna.


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“There’s nobody around who says their business runs itself and is actually making money. It’s just not real.” – Jordan – Tweet This!

“A lot of people followed their passion and didn’t make money. You can’t rely on passion to get you there.” – Jordan – Tweet This!

“Passion gets misplaced as being ‘I love what I’m doing every moment.’ It’s simply not true. Sometimes it sucks.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“If you’re the best in the world it doesn’t matter if only a few people want it because they’ll pay a premium.” – Jordan – Tweet This!

Do you have any questions for Jordan on building a brand empire? Leave your questions on SpeakPipe or join us in the comments below.


  • Esteban Nina says:

    Hmmmmm! This episode made me rethink about my “self development website”. I built one with the intent of gathering all I’ve learned, and to share it with others. I was in the middle of writing an eBook about the same subject. After listening to this episode I was upset that your boy there said… “People selling an eBook, about something they know nothing about.” I felt embarrassed. Because I’m not successful yet! I thought about it for a few days and I went back and read the content of my website. I realized I never promoted that I WAS successful. I was promoting that others should do themselves a service and continue learning! I wiped the frown off my face, and focused on the deeper meaning of the conversation of this podcast. And said “eff it” and posted the eBook for sale on Amazon anyways. LOL

    Although this comment sounded negative. I really learned a whole lot on being true to my audience. Along with many other gems.

    I started listening to Podcasts about a year ago, and this has ALWAYS been my favorite! Thank you Justin & Joe!

  • davidhme says:

    Thanks for the shout! I’ve only listened to the first part of this episode so far, but I’m pretty impressed with what Jordan had to say. I also like the non-douchy pua angle of his dating biz.

  • Just listened to this on the commute… Great stuff!

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