EFP 96: Your Blog Will Never Be A Business

Justin Cooke

May 29, 2014

Have you ever decided to start a blog with the intention of building a business from it? Plenty of people do, and some are successful at it, but the odds of you striking gold is slim.

Why Blogs Typically Don’t Become a Real Business

Today, Joe and I talk about why most blogs will never become businesses. A lot of bloggers who are hoping to generate profit don’t focus on the right things that matter and as a result, find themselves in a vacuum. Hit publish, sit back, drink beer, and just let the cash flow in, right? Nope!

If you want to start a business and you’re looking to blogging to help do it, check this episode out first:

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Short-term cash-flow tunnel vision instead of focusing on building an asset.
  • Benefits of allowing readers to grow with longer, higher value content.
  • Focusing on the wrong target market.
  • Thinking more about conversions and sales and not vanity metrics.
  • Common fears many bloggers have that hold them back from becoming a business.


Help Us Out:

  • “A blog is a marketing channel. It’s not a business.” – Justin – Tweet This!
  • “Get the deal done or get them out of your pipeline. Potential sounds good but that’s not money in the bank.” – Justin – Tweet This!

What are your thoughts on building a business out of a blog? What would you tell a beginner who wants to start a business? Leave your thoughts on SpeakPipe or comment below to start a discussion!

Photo Credit: Owen W. Brown

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  1. Brian says:

    Hey Justin,

    Things I loved in this episode: 1. Have your HIGHEST value customer in mind for your long-term business strategy–everybody goes after entry-levelers and doesn’t move up the value chain. 2. Empathy: might be cheesy but it’s essential. What does my target customer really need? 3. Love that you’re harping on building brand ambassadors–doing things that don’t scale and built-in remarkableness seems to me like the only way to do customer acquisition these days (without being a millionaire first and blowing it all on ads).

    http://empireflippers.com/ultimate-guide-for-expat-entrepreneurs-in-davao-city/ This pushed it past the tipping point: I’m heading to Davao to get into the scene in two weeks. Let me know if you want to meet up for an evening jam session. Thanks for providing huge value.


    • Justin Cooke says:

      Hey Brian,

      Awesome – glad you dug it! You’re heading out here? Definitely happy to hang out and meet up! I’d have to say that some of the people there have recently left, but that’s always the way of it – people coming and going. :-) We usually do dinners or meetups on Thursday evenings and may get together one other time during the week for a coffee shop type work. Let us know when you’re in town!

      • Brian says:

        Hey Justin,

        Arriving in Davao this Sunday night. Would love to meet the entrep. fam and make any meetups happening next week. Do let me know! Disqus or brian.bistolfo [at] gmail.com. Cheers bud!

  2. NinthCrown says:

    Hello Justin & Joe. I love that you went over this subject on your latest Podcast. Spencer at Niche Pursuits was debating on whether or not he should continue pod-casting. He ultimately realized that it is not a way to earn, but to connect with his audience. You hit it on the head when you stated that it’s a marketing strategy for your business, but not a business itself. Thank you for another great podcast! -Esteban Nina

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