EFP 95: Building A Business Around Live Events (With Dan Taylor @ AppsEvents.com)

Justin Cooke

May 22, 2014

Hosting a live event is always something we’ve had in the back of our minds. There’s a lot of value in them and we’re fans of meeting up with other location independent entrepreneurs, but we’ve never acted as the hosts, only as the attendees.

Can You Build a Business Around Live Events?

Today, Dan Taylor and I talk about how to build a business around live events and what you can do to make them successful. This is a pretty intimidating topic but it’s definitely an interesting one. And no, it turns out you don’t need an audience to begin with and you can start as a beginner–although the former helps.

If you’re thinking of hosting live events or if you already are in the game then give this one a listen.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Starting from scratch and breaking into the business.
  • The types of personalities that are great for running live events.
  • Top tips for attracting high quality speakers.
  • Revenue, profit, and expenses of running a live event.
  • The best industries for running events and why they’re the best.


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Help Us Out:

  • “Events are always going to grow. There’s nothing like meeting people face to face.” – Dan Taylor – Tweet This!
  • “I would never start off with a free event. People don’t value something that’s free.” – Dan Taylor – Tweet This!

What do you think about live events? Do you have any questions for Dan about running them? Leave your thoughts on SpeakPipe or comment below to start a discussion!

Photo Credit: TropicalMBA

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  1. toddbeuckens says:

    The Philippines is perfect for more events. Wish you guys would do one. I heard about the Chris Ducker event and heard great things about it. With the Tropical MBA thing no longer running there, it would be cool for your guys to do something like that. If you do, “hook me up buddy!”

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Hey Todd,

      We’ve been back and forth on this. I’d love to do an event here in the Philippines, but the worry is that it might be distracting from what our core goals are. :-(

      We end up having impromptu events when people come to town as it is, hehe. Will definitely let you know if we roll this out, man!

    • Dan Taylor says:

      Todd I agree Philippines would be cool for events. I almost went to one of the early Tropical MBA’s and would be cool to have something like that there.

  2. NinthCrown says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this podcast episode… As always Justin asking the questions we the audience want to hear. What I wanted to say, was I think anyone who runs a local business should keep this option open to host a “live” event to engage with current and future customers. I’m looking to help my mom start her Art’s & Crafts business, and instead of being at the local festivals I think hosting small live events would be a great idea too! -Esteban Nina

    • Justin Cooke says:

      I think it’s a great idea, too.

      Even if it’s not full-on “event mode” and maybe it never actually turns into that, good things happen when you can get your customers and prospective customers together for snacks, hangouts, chit-chat, etc. These types of things DEFINITELY help drive them down the value funnel and separate you from your competition.

    • Dan Taylor says:

      Nina for sure regarding local businesses holding events. I have a friend who imports coffee and he is always holding tasting evenings which is great for building authority and engaging more with your customers.

  3. Dan Taylor says:

    HI guys was a real pleasure to be on the podcast. If anyone has any questions on running events please post here in the comments and I’ll try to help.

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