EFP 78: Leveraging Storytelling In Your Business – Interview With Sean Buvala

Justin Cooke

January 16, 2014

Sean BuvalaHow can you leverage stories in your business? They’re for kids or liars telling “stories”, right? They’re not for entrepreneurs who want to make some cash.

Why Facts Tell and Stories Sell with Sean Buvala

Turns out business storytelling is a versatile weapon that can be used to attract the right crowd, make people believe in your product, and of course, make you money. This week, we’ve got Sean Buvala talking about the benefits of business storytelling.

Just a warning that the beginning is a bit longer than it should be, but the episode definitely picks up a lot of momentum as it goes on. Stick it out because you won’t want to miss out on the energy and the information.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Recent breaking of our Marketplace record.
  • The importance of being genuine and dangers of dishonesty.
  • Differentiating your company from competitors with your story.
  • Real examples of more money being made thanks to a story.
  • How to make people remember your company months from now.
  • How to make a story when you “don’t have a story.”



  • “You have enough internal resistance fighting you that there’s reason to be positive and show the upside.” – Justin – Tweet This!
  • “Doing something instead of nothing is better than doing nothing at all. Don’t wait until you have the perfect story.” – Sean – Tweet This!

What do you think about business storytelling? Is it something you want to try or are you still not sure? Leave us a SpeakPipe message or comment below and give us your thoughts.

Photo Credit: Betsy Weber – Flickr

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