EFP 73: From Crushing It To Getting Crushed (With Josh Escusa)

Justin Cooke

December 6, 2013

We’ve all heard the interesting story of the entrepreneurial hero’s journey. From zero to hero. The overnight success who is now driving a nice Ferrari around town because, hey, why not?

Introducing Josh Escusa of Form Your Future

Today we’ve got an interesting interview that looks into the story of someone who saw exponential growth but ran into some bad luck along the way. This isn’t your ordinary hero’s journey folks. There’s a series of ups, ups, and more ups, with one tragic down with effects still being felt today.

Josh EscusaI interviewed Josh Escusa from Formyourfuture.com and listened to his stories along with the lessons learned in the past several months. Josh was a great guest and you’re going to find a lot of value in it. You may find yourself relating with a lot of his struggles.

I’m feeling really good about this one and I’d even say this is our greatest guest interview ever. It’s powerful and worth the 40 minutes of listening.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Josh Escusa from Formyourfuture.com joins us this week.
  • Story of a guy who went from $100 to $200 to $3,000, and even $5,000 a month to losing it all.
  • The biggest mistake Josh made looking back at his successes and failures.
  • Difficulties found in almost any business partnership.
  • Burning out and hitting a wall.
  • “I have to go get a job now.” Enough said.
  • The value of working for a large corporation vs. the stresses of entrepreneurship.



  • “There’s definitely value to working for a corporation and not having to worry about everything.” – Justin – Tweet This!
  • “Don’t be afraid to fail. Start taking those little steps. Even if you fail keep moving forward.” – Josh – Tweet This!

Did Josh’s story speak to you? Did it inspire you and teach you some valuable lessons? As always, reach out on by leaving us a message on SpeakPipe or commenting below. Let’s start a great discussion.

Photo Credit: Garry Knight – Flickr

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  1. NinthCrown says:

    I’ve been following Justin & Joe’s, Chris Guthrie’s, Spencer Haws’, and Pat Flynn’s PodCasts. And I just built my very first niche site. But I feel like I’m spinning my wheels on it all. I need anyones help.

    My question is super basic…

    • I’d like to know how I rank in Google. I know I may not rank at top 10. But I don’t even know where I am. What tool do I use to see where I rank on Google? Even if I rank at 5,012?

    Please help!
    -Esteban Nina

    • Try using Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics. Both are free tools. Long Tail Pro has a rank tracker, but you will need to know the keyword you are looking to rank for and need to be careful not to hit Google to hard or your IP could get banned.

      • NinthCrown says:

        WOW! THE actual “Hot Money” replied to my post! I’m star struck! I like you more than Justin (Don’t tell him, it may hurt his feelings). :)
        I’m about to marry a beautiful Filipina and move to the Philippenes next year (not a joke). I’d really like build a business following your methods. I’m a huge fan of Empire Flippers and I listen to your PodCasts and those you reccommend daily (no joke).
        Your suggestions on using WebMaster Tools and Google Analytics… I’ve tried them both. I guess I need to learn how to read them. I guess I will research on how to do this on my own. I know for a fact I’ve made a mistake on the root keyword. I chose one that has 0 traffic. Spencer Haws suggests on one of his blogs that a newbie should start with two or more sites. Since my first site looks doomed, should I move on to the next one? Or should I build pages adding content with high traffic keywords?
        I do plan to purchase your starter package, but I’d like to start from scratch first to learn how to do it all as you guys suggest.
        Whether or not you reply to this post, I want to thank you and Justin for sharing your awesome business with me.
        BTW: I’m gonna attach a photo of me and my hot future wife.

        • Justin Cooke says:

          DEFINITELY hurt my feelings, but I won’t hold it against ya! :-)

          When you make it out to the Philippines you should come visit! We’ve got friends in town and we’re all heading out tonight, actually. We typically meet up every Thursday night for either a “social dinner” or a more business-focused dinner on the third Thursday of every month.

          If you’re focused on a keyword that doesn’t have any traffic due to a mistake, I’d definitely move on. The idea is to spend little on the first sites you setup and see how they’re progressing before investing any more money. That way, you can test out niches without spending too much to get started on each.

          • NinthCrown says:

            I have to tell Joe I like him better because he’s a boxer! I want to be on his good side. :)
            The plans are for us to live in Makati. But you guys will be the first on the list to visit.
            I think what you say is a good suggestion. I will move forward.
            I have a question that your newbie audience may not have asked. And if so, please point the way so I can listen to that PodCast… Let’s say I bought a domain name, example: “Squidoo.com” (yes I know it’s Seth Godin’s site). This is a made up name that no one will go out of their way for unless it was marketed. So if I made a mistake on a domain name, technically I could market the domain name to pull traffic my way.
            Or… not market the domain name at all and build subdomains: “Squidoo.com/BestLaptops”. Now all I have to worry about is ranking my subdomains.
            Google looks to rank pages not sites. Am I right?

    • Nick says:

      Hi Esteban. I know this is a much older post (2 months ago!!). But thought this might help anyone reading this in the future (today):

      You can track your Google rank by using the free version of the SEO Powersuite software, in combination with Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics (as Joe Magnotti pointed out).

      This will give you an idea of your site’s rank for each keyword that you are targeting. Hope this helps.

      • NinthCrown says:

        Hi Nick, thank you for the reply. I’m working on a new website. I’ve downloaded SEO Power Suite. And will be playing around with it today.

  2. That damn EMD update…I’d have my own Scrooge McDuck money bin by now if it hadn’t rolled out ;-)

  3. Great podcast guys – love it.

    Just shows that persistence is key, and you gotta keep pushing no matter what life throws at you.

  4. Tung Tran says:

    Love this espisode guys.

    This also resonates with me because i also lost over $1,000 when the update came last year. Ironically, that was all i had at that time.

    I agree with Justin that we can get tons of value on working with large cooperations. Starting young like me has some advantages but the biggest downside is the lack of experience. I’m really struggling with project management at the moment so i know that pretty well.

    Anyway, I’m learning fast from successful entrepreneurs like you guys :d

  5. sebi 20 says:

    I am in the same situation with Josh, in fact, right now I am investing over 3k in building 70 niche sites.

    Also, I want to know what is the best method free or paid to track backlinks?


    nice podcast that rezonates with me, Ive been making niche sites since february 2012 like him :)

  6. Nick says:

    Brilliant episode, Justin and Joe, I’m a serious fan of your work and your podcast.

    Sweet interview, Justin, very well handled. Thank you. Somehow, I enjoyed have only Justin run the interview, then getting Joe back in at the end (I realise he was away…on a yacht). Nice work.

    I really enjoyed listening to Josh speak about his successes and failures. Lots of takeaways for me. I’m kind of the opinion that partnerships are great, but only if both partners are exactly on the same page. I prefer friendships, or collaborations (join ventures?) to partnerships. In Josh’s case, perhaps the difference in opinion with his partner, was part of the reason why he got exhausted on his first run.

    I’ve used WSO Testers before. Loved it. I know he will do excellently well in this new venture. Kudos, Josh!

  7. Great interview, Guys.

    Josh, thanks for sharing your story…what a roller coaster!

    I really dig the way your site looks – it feels familiar. :)

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