EFP 41: Reach Out Vs Hand Out Mindset

Justin Cooke

April 4, 2013

There are some major differences with Entrepreneurs Vs. Employees when it comes to mindset.  An employee may be willing to ask a peer, co-worker, or boss for a handout while an entrepreneur is willing to hustle up his or her own answers to problems.

Reach Out Versus Hand Out

In this week’s episode, Joe and I delve into those differences a bit and cover what we feel are the underlying causes for these differences in the people we’ve run across.  We also cover another great niche business idea towards the end of the show and dissect our latest 3-pronged strategy when it comes to content marketing.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Our birthday weekend bash and the Mac Vs. PC argument revisited
  • Phase 2 in the development process of IntelliTheme and our upcoming launch
  • “Let Me Google That For You”
  • Paid help Vs. “Bro” help
  • Real issues Vs. signs of the resistance
  • Taking creative breaks
  • A new way to search and our content strategy trifecta


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  1. Keith Mander says:

    Still waiting on that list fellas.

  2. Keith Mander says:

    Search engine just for the sites you want….. EASY! Give me the list of sites you want and I’ll make it in 10-minutes.

  3. Jason says:

    I just got a windows 8 laptop and struggled for a week, then a friend helped me out.
    Start 8 and modern mix from star dock, cool solutions to bring back the start button and make everything make sense again… It’s like $5.. 30 day free trial.. Love the show… Can’t help with the Mac :-)

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Thanks, Jason!

      A friend just showed me the Windows Button + Search option…that’s pretty cool. I’ve read about Start8 and Modern Mix…I’m thinking about trying them out. (Modern Mix puts the Windows 8 apps in window mode, right)

      Thanks for the tips! And screw the Apple Fanbois like Joe. :-)

      • Jason Rasset says:

        Yea that sounds about right what modern mix does….makes the transition more tolerable…for me..As i like some things about windows 8…I’m just slow to adjust. those dang commercials are targeted at hipsters….of which i am not..apple schmapple..:)

  4. Rico says:

    Well, i am not sure if its wise to say: “An employee may be willing to ask a peer, co-worker, or boss for a handout while an entrepreneur is willing to hustle up his or her own answers to problems.” An entrepreneur should search for help even more than an employee, as he should not spend days to solve a problem what somebody else could fix in minutes. Anyway, if its a critical task for the business — then of course everyone should put the biggest effort to find a unique solution.

    Great podcast guys, i enjoy listening to you so much everytime!

    • Thanks Rico. I think the point we were trying to make is that entrepreneurs try to fix problems or answer questions themselves first, while employees tend to reach out. It’s a mindset issue.

  5. Iain Robson says:

    Great podcast.

    I particularly love the, “:bro help” problem.

    I ran into that the other day without realizing it. I asked a friend to help me out, but he wasn’t very helpful probably because I wasn’t paying him.

    Taking a creative break is a fabulous idea. Tom Ewer was just talking about this exact thing on his blog.

    My creative breaks are mostly just going for walks and trying not to think about work as much. I am constantly surprised by how creative I can get on a walk.

    • Yeah I love daily physical exercise for a break. It really helps get you mind of the issue and focus on something else. When you come back, it’s with a fresh set of eyes and ears.

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