EFP 39: Business And The Borg

Justin Cooke

March 21, 2013

Welcome back to the newly re-branded Empire Flippers Podcast! In episode 39, Joe and I discuss the some of the issues and problems that arise with building and running a business as non-technical founders.  The project management triangle of picking 2 out of “Fast, Cheap, and Good” definitely applies and we’ll be discussing this in terms of actual examples and how it affects our business.

How to Stop the “Technical” Struggle

This episode’s for you if you’ve ever found yourself struggling with technical products or services, have had difficulties finding and working with programmers or designers, or are looking to build an online business without many technical skills.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • The reason for the switch to Empire Flippers and what to expect
  • Comparing hardcore tech startups to the borg
  • Fast, Cheap, Or Good – Pick one other than cheap!
  • Get specific – Why saying “make it happen” doesn’t work
  • Programmers Vs. Designers – How to work both to deliver a kick-ass product
  • Products Of Yesterday And Tomorrow – Threading the needle


What did you think about this episode? Do you like the new brand? Give us a shout on Twitter or let us know in the comments below!

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  1. qiwupoln says:

    Recently I was REALLY low on cash and debts were eating me from all sides! That was UNTIL I decided to make money on the internet! I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills! I’m so glad, I did this! With all the financial stress these years, I really hope all of you will give it a chance. – 4khx

  2. John DeVries says:

    Great podcast guys. I know the new launch was a rocky journey, but you gained some immensely valuable experience for the next time. I definitely feel like you upgraded your understanding of an entire field on this one – though, as always, it was costly and a bit of a headache.

    Regardless, it was a pleasure to be of assistance and I’m glad we at least got you started on a good track. :)

    One tip I would offer your readers and small business owners, is to spend some time at least gaining an understanding of basic HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, etc… You don’t have to be a master… but 100 hours of education could save you many thousands of dollars down the line. If you’ve got 30k to dump into a website and that’s a drop in the hat for you, then no worries. But it’s much easier to pick a good team and organize a project with a little more knowledge under your belt. If you run a business on the Internet, it pays to understand what the Internet is built out of – as well as how some of the pieces fit together.

    • Thanks John, it was quite the journey getting this done, but now that it is out there a am pumped to see what we can do down the line. Great advice about learning at least some basic tech skills. Unfortunely, there are only so many hours int he day.

  3. your site is looking kick butt! I am sure it will do well.

  4. Hi guys !

    Happy to have you again in my earbuds .

    When you said about combining your businesses , I thought it would great to be able to have a couple of sites AND a virtual assistant that can handle some basic tasks about the sites . I don’t know if this is too much , just a thought . :)

    Be healthy and smile .

    • What exactly would you have that assistant do? Perhaps we could productize the offering to make it cheaper for you then just buying a full time agent you don’t need.

      I wanted to offer direct assistants but we are really looking for set products here as they are easy to deliver. If you want a general VA to run your site, go to VSF. If you need to hire 4 people or more dedicated full time, contact us privately.

      Thanks for the feedback though — we might have some new services available soon.

      • Ok . This is what I thought .

        Lets say I bought the premium package and i have 3-4 ready sites and few more additional keywords to be turned into sites . That’s a lot of work . I could use a VA . Instead of going through the whole process of finding/interviewing/hiring/training a VA , I would be convenient for me to have him/her as a part of the package , an ultra premium package .
        Hope it makes sense .
        That’s my idea . If it can’t be implemented , what can you do . Another useless idea .
        Won’t be the first , nor the last . :)

        • The problem with that is each process is a little different and each setup has it’s own ins and outs. It’s custom every time and that means lots of training and communicating, something we are trying to avoid.

          There is something here though Ilias that can be made into a product. We just haven’t nailed it down yet.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Ilias!

      One of the reasons we went the “productized service” route was because many wanted a VA, but didn’t have the time to have him/her working on a full-time basis. They wanted something specific done, but weren’t able to offer full-time employment. We thought we would take out the hassle of finding/hiring/training the VA and just offer the services directly as a “product” instead. Our benefit is improved margins and the customer’s benefit is no-hassle.

  5. Mike says:

    you need to fidget around with the checkout page for the godaddy coupons to work but they do work

  6. Congrats on the consolidation and expansion of your business. Look forward to more regular podcasts. Love your high level business talks and would like to hear more on topics such as process creation, managing outsourced projects and ensuring scalability/automation.

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