First-Mover Advantage: How to Own a Piece of EF Capital With Mike Vranjkovic [Ep. 94]

First-Mover Advantage: How to Own a Piece of EF Capital With Mike Vranjkovic [Ep. 94]

Greg Elfrink June 28, 2022

Online businesses are a great investment, but many people haven’t been able to cash in on this opportunity because they lack the time or skills needed to effectively manage an online business.

The creation of Empire Flippers Capital provided a solution to this problem, allowing investors to buy fractional shares of online businesses and gain access to this unique asset class without any of the work associated with running a business. 

Now, EF Capital is offering you a one-time opportunity to own a piece of EFC itself and benefit from the company’s first-mover advantage.

In this episode, Mike Vranjkovic, the Managing Partner of Empire Flippers Capital, joins us to discuss the rise of the online business industry, what makes it such a powerful asset class, and the inspiration behind the creation of EF Capital. According to Mike,

“Our goal is to make online businesses an accessible asset class for individual investors. Empire Flippers Capital gives you online business exposure without the need for a specialized skill set, you don’t need to spend time running the business, and it’s an easy way to build a diversified portfolio.”

Mike also discusses why EF Capital is splitting from Empire Flippers, how EFC plans to spend the growth capital raised, and the rewards investors can expect to receive from investing in EFC directly.

After you’ve listened to the podcast, check out this webinar where Mike and Empire Flippers co-founder Justin Cooke dive deeper into the EF Capital story and the details of the direct raise.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How the online business industry has changed over the last few years (05:51)
  • Empire Flippers Capital explained (08:30)
  • The benefits of investing in online businesses over other asset classes (09:09)
  • The barriers to entry that EF Capital seeks to remove for investors and entrepreneurs (12:39)
  • The results achieved from EFC’s first three rounds of investments (16:36)
  • How long investors will have to wait before seeing a return on their investment (19:09)
  • Why EF Capital is splitting from Empire Flippers (21:56)
  • The risks and rewards of investing in Empire Flippers Capital (28:11)
  • Details of the raise and how EFC aims to spend the growth capital raised (31:47)
  • The type of investors that would benefit from this investment (40:04)
  • The effect EF Capital may have on the online business industry moving forward (43:26)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how you can own a piece of EF Capital and profit from its future growth!

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