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The Benefits of Becoming an Empire Flippers Capital Operator With Mohit Tater [Ep.101]

The Benefits of Becoming an Empire Flippers Capital Operator With Mohit Tater [Ep.101]

Greg Elfrink August 31, 2022

Some entrepreneurs are gifted with a talent for taking run-of-the-mill businesses to new heights and turning them into stable, cash-flowing assets. 

Empire Flippers Capital offers a unique opportunity to these talented entrepreneurs – the chance to operate and grow businesses to generate profit for themselves and investors while EFC takes care of the behind-the-scenes logistics.  

Mohit Tater was one of the first entrepreneurs to qualify for this opportunity. Mohit is the Founder & CEO of BlackBook Investments, a successful private equity firm that specializes in website investing. He has also been an operator for EF Capital for two investment rounds. 

In this episode, we take a peek behind the curtain as Mohit sheds some light on his experiences as an EFC operator. 

We discuss what drew Mohit to this opportunity, his acquisition strategy when building his EFC portfolio, and how his portfolio has performed over the last two investment rounds.

Mohit walks us through the various tools and resources that EFC operators have at their disposal and shares the productivity hacks he uses to stay on top of his game as he juggles being a business owner and an operator for EF Capital.

Lastly, Mohits reveals some of the sure-fire tactics he uses to boost content site revenue. According to Mohit,

“When it comes to scaling content sites, the best-hidden growth opportunities often lie in plain sight. Focus on conversion rate optimization. It’s helped us get up to 80% more revenue from the same amount of traffic.”

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how EF Capital generates profits for its investors. If you’re inspired by Mohit’s story and would like to become an operator yourself, check out the operator interest form in the links below.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Mohit shares how he became involved with online businesses (04:04)
  • What led Mohit to become an EF Capital operator (14:53)
  • How EF Capital operators are compensated (18:15)
  • How raising funds differs for a Mohit’s personal business vs EF Capital (20:20)
  • The productivity hacks Mohit uses to effectively manage his portfolio of businesses (23:50)
  • Mohit shares insights on the type of business he operates for EF Capital (26:23)
  • The qualities Mohit looks for in a website acquisition (29:07)
  • How Mohit’s EF Capital portfolio has performed under his management (37:50)
  • The milestones Mohit wants to reach as an EFC operator (42:34)
  • Mohit’s advice to entrepreneurs looking to become operators (44:56)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and take a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be an Empire Flippers Capital operator.

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