WES S04E04: Due Diligence Tips

Justin Cooke

November 21, 2018

Subscribe to our VIP LISTDue diligence is a tricky beast.

It’s easy to pick up the basics but can take years to master.

We covered some of our thoughts on due diligence on this previous episode. If you haven’t listened to it, I’d highly suggest giving it a listen and coming back for this one.

In this episode, we wanted to cover some due diligence tips that were more relevant for larger businesses and portfolios that you may be looking to acquire.

While we look at it from a buyer’s perspective, it’s worth a listen if you’re selling as well to get some sense of what buyers might be looking for.

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Alright, let’s dig in…

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

We’re going to cover the advantages and disadvantages to each of these?

  • Stay Organized
  • Pre-Select Your Criteria
  • Initial Pass/Fail Test
  • Industry/Niche Sustainability
  • Review The Team
  • Review The Process
  • Buyer/Seller Call(s)

Featured On The Show:

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