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WES S01E13: A Day In The Life Of An Online Business Mogul

Justin Cooke November 4, 2015

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We never get asked this question that directly, but it’s definitely something they have in the back of their minds. What does it look/feel like to not have to go to an office every day? To be able to travel and work anywhere you can bring a laptop and have an internet connection?

Today, Ace and I sit down to discuss the benefits that come with being an “online business mogul” and clear up some of the misconceptions some have about what it’s REALLY like.

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Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:


  • Freedom
  • Wealth (Through Assets)
  • Connections


What our days REALLY look like

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  • What is the tool that Ace mentions he is using to track his portfolio of websites?

    Justin mentioned he will put it in the footnotes, but I don’t see it. It sounded like site dot com, but that domain redirects to Salesforce.


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