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How to Invest like a Content Business Expert - Opportunity podcast ep29

The Opportunity Ep.29: How to Invest like a Content Business Expert

Branden Schmidt March 31, 2021

On this episode of the Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Dom Wells, owner of Onfolio. With Onfolio, Dom acquires and manages a diversified portfolio of online businesses across a broad range of verticals, each with a niche content focus. As a seasoned expert, he shares his mindset and strategy on investing in content businesses.

Dom really understands what the right opportunity in online business looks like. He describes how people commonly get caught up on price or what they think might be growth potential for a business only to miss out on more stable investment opportunities. He describes common pitfalls – like when to know an unmonetized email list is really good or not – and how to avoid them. Dom also explains the growing demand for online business investments and explains why it can be a worthwhile investment for others to pursue.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to learn how to use content businesses as a stable investment strategy.

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • Dom’s favorite growth levers for new acquisitions
  • When to favor evergreen stability over growth for sites
  • Why price isn’t everything for an active investment opportunity
  • The growth of investors in the content business space


We hope you enjoy the episode! Have interesting insights on growth opportunities in online business? Know any useful tips when it comes to growth? Either way, leave us a comment below, give us a shout on your favorite social media platform, or leave us a great review if you’re loving the show.

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