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Buyer-Seller Roundtable: A 7-Figure Deal From Both Sides with Wilson Dos Santos and Kevin Flaherty [Ep. 62]

Buyer-Seller Roundtable: A 7-Figure Deal From Both Sides with Wilson Dos Santos and Kevin Flaherty [Ep. 62]

Sarah Nuttycombe November 18, 2021

Many entrepreneurs dream of making a seven-figure exit from their online businesses, but few people understand the logistics, high emotion, and intense negotiations that go into a successful sale. 

In this episode, we’ll have a round table with the buyer and seller from a recent seven-figure deal to give you some unique insights into what it’s really like to buy and sell an online business with Empire Flippers. 

The seller, Wilson Dos Santos, owned a rapidly growing FBA business and was ready to quit the rat race to enjoy the spoils of his hard work. The buyer, well-known FBA aggregator Thrasio, represented by Acquisitions Manager Kevin Flaherty, saw the business as a prime opportunity for investment. 

Wilson walks us through his journey as a seller, explaining what prompted him to sell his business at the height of its success, the ins and outs of the listing and negotiation process, and ultimately, how his life has changed for the better since selling the business. 

Kevin gives us an insider’s perspective on what kind of FBA business catches the eyes of aggregators, how Thrasio vets potential acquisitions, and how they structure their offers to stand out from the competition.

If you’re considering buying or selling an online business, you don’t want to miss a second of this special behind-the-scenes episode!

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • Wilson shares a picture of the business he sold (4:12)
  • The shadow of success – the stress that comes with building a profitable business (6:12)
  • The moment Wilson realized his business had outgrown him (7:43)
  • Wilson walks us through the valuation process (12:56)
  • Why Thrasio enjoys working with Empire Flippers (15:02)
  • What qualities will make your business attractive to an aggregator? (16:29)
  • The high emotions when a seller’s business goes live on our marketplace (21:23)
  • The metrics Thrasio looks at when vetting a potential business acquisition (24:20) 
  • Vetting potential buyers and the negotiation process (27:58)
  • What made Thrasio’s offer stand out from the rest (31:51)
  • Why Wilson’s business caught Thrasio’s attention (33:54)
  • How Wilson’s life has changed since he sold his business (36:53)
  • The benefits of using a broker when selling your business (44:32)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to take a sneak peek at the Empire Flipper’s buy and sell process!

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