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Building a Million Dollar Business Portfolio by Age 24 With Simon Treulle [Ep. 75]

Building a Million Dollar Business Portfolio by Age 24 With Simon Treulle [Ep. 75]

Sarah Nuttycombe February 17, 2022

Successfully scaling one online business is hard enough, but building out an entire portfolio of businesses is a challenge few entrepreneurs are able to overcome. 

Not only did Simon Treulle knock this challenge out of the park, but he achieved this entrepreneurial milestone before the age of 24! 

Simon is the founder of Pangolia, a business with multiple high-value brands and content sites under its umbrella. In this episode, Simon explains how building a strong network of mentors and fellow entrepreneurs helped him accelerate his success, and why maintaining good relationships with suppliers is key. According to Simon,

“If you want to grow your content site, build good relationships with your affiliate managers. They are humans and they are in the business of relationships. Talk, help each other, and you’ll see your business grow.”

Simon gives us insights into his entrepreneurial journey, including what inspired him to move from Denmark to Chaing Mai, the epicenter of SEO, when he was just 19. He walks us through the hard work and sacrifice that helped him achieve success, and why he chose to hone in on the pet niche when building out his portfolio.

Speaking of his portfolio, Simon also discusses how he transitioned from building sites into buying them, what he looks for in new business acquisitions, and the benefits of consolidating multiple small websites into one big site. He also explains why he made the jump into eCommerce through his latest acquisition, Hepper, and reveals how he grew Hepper from 100 visitors per day to 40.000 readers per day. 

If you want to know how to make the leap from owning one business to owning several, this episode is the perfect place to start!

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • Simon walks us through his experience entering the world of online business (02:14)
  • Why Simon decided to build a portfolio of businesses in the pet niche (12:14)
  • How Simon transitioned from owning one business to running several (14:17)
  • The benefits of running eCommerce and content site businesses in synergy (16:36)
  • What qualities Simon looks for in a new business acquisition (18:46)
  • How Simon adapted to running an eCommerce business alongside his content sites (23:53)
  • How Simon grew the traffic on his eCommerce site from 100 daily visitors to 40,0000 (27:11)
  • The key to successfully running multiple businesses simultaneously (31:22)
  • Simon’s advice to entrepreneurs looking to replicate his success (32:04)
  • Simon reveals what’s next, and his plans for growing his businesses further (37:23)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to grow one content site into a powerful portfolio of online businesses. 

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