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How to Profit off of Amazon’s Mistakes With Yoni Mazor [Ep. 78]

How to Profit off of Amazon’s Mistakes With Yoni Mazor [Ep. 78]

Sarah Nuttycombe March 9, 2022

Losing money due to lost or damaged Amazon inventory is never a good feeling. The good news is, there are reimbursement systems in place to turn this negative experience into a positive for your business. 

Few people know the ins and out of the reimbursement and claims process better than Yoni Mazor. Yoni is the CGO & Co-Founder of GETIDA, an auditing platform that helps Amazon FBA sellers identify and manage financial and inventory-related discrepancies.

Yoni joins us to explain the reimbursement process from start to finish. He gives us a rundown of the different types of reimbursements, how to claim for a discrepancy, and the timelines associated with each type of claim. 

Yoni reveals that around 50% of Amazon sellers are not even aware that the reimbursement system exists, and are missing out on important benefits as a result. According to Yoni,

“For every 100 units that you ship to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, 1 to 3 units will experience a discrepancy. Claiming for a reimbursement on lost or damaged inventory gives you cash flow that you can invest back into advertising, sourcing, launching new products, etc. It’s an opportunity for you to take action and help your business to get what it’s owed.”

Yoni also gives us insights into the current Amazon FBA landscape and the changes and trends that he predicts for the coming year.

As an added bonus, Yoni has generously offered our listeners $400 in free reimbursements! All you have to do is register on the GETIDA website using the link below. 

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Yoni’s entrepreneurial journey and how it led him to co-found GETIDA (03:00)
  • How Yoni scaled his previous FBA business to $100 million in annual revenue (07:52)
  • How GETIDA built a good relationship with Amazon seller support (12:26)
  • The benefits of seeking out reimbursements from Amazon (17:12)
  • The different types of reimbursements that FBA sellers can claim for (25:23)
  • The steps that Amazon sellers need to follow in order to apply for reimbursement (29:26)
  • How claiming for reimbursements can benefit your business in the long run (33:20)
  • The biggest pain points that FBA sellers should be aware of today (37:49)
  • Yoni discusses his future plans for GETIDA (40:56)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to recoup lost revenue on missing or damaged inventory.

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