Amazon DSP Advertising: How to Unlock Its Full Potential With Mina Elias [Ep. 98]

Amazon DSP Advertising: How to Unlock Its Full Potential With Mina Elias [Ep. 98]

Greg Elfrink August 9, 2022

It’s no secret that Amazon’s marketplace is growing incredibly quickly.

With so many new brands entering the fray, how can sellers make their listings stand out in such a saturated market?

For Mina Elias, a 7-figure Amazon seller, the answer lay in making efficient use of Amazon’s advertising platforms. As his expertise in this area grew, so did requests from fellow sellers asking Mina to optimize their advertising campaigns. 

This inspired Mina to create Trivium Group, an Amazon advertising agency that specializes in PPC and DSP advertising campaigns, helping sellers get their products in front of shoppers, earn more money, and grow their businesses.

In this episode, Mina joins us to discuss Amazon DSP campaigns, an often overlooked advertising option. He guides us through the differences between DSP and PPC campaigns, the best time for businesses to start making use of DSP, and the risks and rewards of using this promotional tool.

We also dive into the secrets behind Mina’s entrepreneurial success, including how he grew his business from 3 employees to 30 in one year and the systems he uses to help him manage his team. According to Mina, 

“The number one hack I’ve figured out as a business owner is that using consultants is a great time-saving shortcut that can help you grow your business incredibly fast. For example, I can learn how to do Google Ads in three months, but with just six one-hour consultations with a Google Ads consultant, I can be just as good.”

If you want the inside scoop on how to create a winning Amazon DSP strategy, then this is an episode you don’t want to miss out on! 

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Mina discusses his background and how he became involved with Amazon (02:55)
  • The benefits of attending business conferences (11:14)
  • An explanation of Amazon DSP and how it differs from PPC (19:05)
  • The criteria sellers need to meet in order to use Amazon DSP (24:35)
  • How long do you need to run DSP ad campaigns before they become profitable? (30:26)
  • How to segment your DSP marketing funnel (33:40)
  • The success stories Mina has witnessed DSP have on Amazon brands (38:40)
  • Why Mina grew his team from 3 people to 30 in one year (41:44)
  • The key to hiring the right person for the job (46:04)
  • The lessons Mina wishes he know when first starting out on Amazon (55:14)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to grow your Amazon business using DSP campaigns.

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