EFP 183: Balancing Pressure And Security

Justin Cooke

June 6, 2019

Some entrepreneurs flourish when they don’t have a penny to their name, no income, and a looming deadline. Others need at least 12 months of expenses saved up to feel secure. In this episode, we discuss the differences between the two and deliver our thoughts on who’s more successful.

We’ve given these two entrepreneurs personas — Pressure Peter and Secure Steven.

Listen in to discover what each excels at and where they struggle.

Depending on where you fall on the spectrum between the two personas, you’ll want to know how to handle yourself when you’re in or out of your element. You’ll learn just that and more in this episode, so click the play button below to get started!

Check Out This Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Entrepreneurs that just REFUSE to (watch tv, go to the movies, play games, have drinks with friends, etc.) and why they bother us
  • Pressure Peter
    • Best: Does motivated/inspired work under pressure
    • Worst: Stagnates without pressure or when back not against the wall
  • Secure Steven
    • Best: Does best, thoughtful work when basic needs covered and secure
    • Worst: Fails/folds when in higher pressure scenarios
  • How to Handle Yourself In or Out of Your Element
    • Lots of pressure vs. No pressure
    • Lots of security vs. No security


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“It’s easy to let destruction take you out, but you should find a way to lock in and stay in the zone because, a lot of times, your best work is done there. – Justin – Tweet This!

“Even if you work well under pressure, having someone check your work is a smart idea.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“To build security for yourself, you need to take a real stab at entrepreneurship — not a little bite.” – Justin – Tweet This!

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