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AFP 38: 5 Marketing Strategies For Non-Marketers

AFP 38: 5 Marketing Strategies For Non-Marketers

Justin Cooke March 5, 2013

Are you looking to build your blog, brand, or business but don’t consider yourself a “marketing/sales” guy/gal? Great…this episode is for you!

5 Marketing Tactics for the Non-Marketer

Joe and I don’t consider ourselves sales guys which is why we rely on marketing to drive inbound leads, deals, and customers to our business.  The good news is that there are some tips and tricks we’ve learned with AdSense Flippers that transfer well to other businesses, niches, and industries.

In this episode, we’ll share with you our top 5 strategies to promote your business or brand that are both repeatable and scalable.  Enjoy!

Check out this week’s episode here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • “Vetted” sites and productizing our business
  • Blog/Podcast Drafting
  • Responding To Everything
  • The Mendoza Line For Blogs
  • Community Connections And Giving More Than You Get
  • The “Free Help” Strategy
  • Our last AdSense Flippers Podcast episode?

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What marketing tips and strategies have worked for you? Let us know on Twitter or drop a comment below!


  • Marc Ashley says:

    Hey Guys, that was actually a perfect podcast because I’d actually given up on my blog because of simply having too much work designing for others and I was heavily procrastinating and didn’t understand the “real” difference between wanting something and “really wanting something”. I also think that is a reason why a lot of us fail and funnily enough since I’ve decided to restart or better said start with my flippmate project, I currently write every single thing I do during the day down on a sheet of paper. It basically doesn’t matter what it is, I write it down. For example I’ll also write how I spent the last 45 minutes on your blog. So just like your check sheets I think it enables you to get tons more work finished each day. It also helps you start whatever you want to do which is obviously the reallllly important part of anything because if you don’t start, I guess you can’t finish either!
    It’s actually quite funny because in your 25 minutes podcast you actually explain in a very simple way how to get visitors to your website and generate traffic… easily! But because we all love to procrastinate and put things off to another time, lots of us are going to listen to this simple but important information and just ignore it and wonder why we have no visitors in 3 months after blogging 4 times a week! haha…
    Last but not least, and I hope I’m not writing too much here, posting on other sites close to your niche, doesn’t only eventually bring your traffic, but it also educates you, simply because the persons website your posting on usually will be of higher authority and secondly, if you want to do it properly without like you said just writing “great post” … you actually have to listen or read what the post is about before making an intelligent comment! Which is going to basically make you more knowledgeable! …I’ll admit my site doesn’t have 40 posts yet, but I only plan on writing epic content since I’ve restarted, not just for the sake of having a blog post, but rather the thought that I might be able to help someone and that is the really true reason that I want to do this properly and that is also the reason why I have decided to see this through to the next level. So thanks for the recipe in this blogpost, I’ve written my checklist and I’m going to record and actually see how much of a difference it makes. Cheers

    • Wow Marc, glad you decided to spend 45 minutes with us today! We try to shoot for actionable items here because there is way too much BS out there. High level concepts that just don’t cut it in the real world.

      Something Justin and I should do is make a screen cast of us actually doing what we talk about in this episode. Perhaps that would make it even easier to follow. Once you have a process, it becomes part of your daily routine. Something to add to the list!

      I totally agree with your education point. When I started communicating with people in our niche, in an intelligent way, it made me more aware of what was going on. I was engaged. That leads to meaningful and interesting conversations that are invaluable down the line. They can create new business ideas or they help make you become an authority in your area.

  • Man, I hope your plans are cohesive to listening to you guys on the long haul to work. This episode was really good and actually really coincides with the email you sent out last week about link building strategies. You two have excellent material.

  • Guys – can’t tell you how much you have helped broaden my thinking about running a purely online business. While I really enjoy other similar podcasts; you have a systematized, no-nonsense approach to business development that resonates with me unlike any other broadcast I have seen out there. Wish you the best in whatever you are launching next.

  • Dr. Niche says:

    Damn guys, kinda bummed about this possibly being the last Adsense Flippers podcast. I’m sure you’ve got something planned that’s gonna be even better, so I am waiting with anticipation for that. I’ve also been waiting for some new Adsense websites to be posted so I can snap those up and add them to my niche site empire…lol. I’ve got some big plans on the horizon and I plan on showing AF some love down the road when I get my authority site up and running.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a membership site, so this podcast was especially pertinent to me. Sounds like you’ll be selling a lot more websites if you plan on acting like broker, similar to Flippa. Here’s a great tip when buying an Adsense website – If your purchasing a product based website, your going to want to avoid a purchase going into the Christmas season. Searches, traffic and clicks will be surging headed into the holiday season and you’ll end up paying a premium for your website because the statistics and revenue will be supercharged. Although, the best time to purchase a website might be when it’s being offered, timing your purchases may save you some significant money. Thanks for the great podcasts guys!

    • Not to worry, we will still be coming to an ear bud near you! Some things might change and some will stay the same. I love the podcasting format and would never give it up long term.

      Love your tip about seasonal purchases. This is very true and something to consider for certain niches.

  • Hey Justin and Joe – great episode! Looking forward to your announcement of what is coming around the corner from you guys.

    Just thought I’d share a couple of tidbits about membership sites for your readers. You mentioned Wishlist Member(WLM) – this plugin for WP has been around for about 4 and half years and is still going strong.

    It is the only membership solution for WordPress that has it’s own independent team of Certified Developers (like me) to help people get a rockin membership site.

    One of the best things about WLM is that it has a well documented API that allows us “code geeks” to do some amazing custom stuff with it.

    About 85% of my clients choose Wishlist over the competition over at 😉

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Steve!

      Wow, you listen to the podcast? I actually came across your site when looking at WLM options. I saw your Professional/Deluxe packages, saw they were a bit more than we’d probably need and that’s how I came across You own both sites, I assume? Man…small world!

      What are your thoughts on WLM versus the newer MemberPress? I’ll definitely be reaching out to you soon! 🙂

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