AFP 36: 5 Little Known AdSense Features, Tricks, and Hacks

AFP 36: 5 Little Known AdSense Features, Tricks, and Hacks

Justin Cooke January 23, 2013

While there’s plenty of content online about how to setup your AdSense account, how to place AdSense code on your site, etc. there are quite a few tricks regarding AdSense you don’t see discussed.

5 Strategies for Adsense You Probably Didn’t Know

Joe and I wanted to dig into the various ways we use AdSense that you don’t see most people talking about and that’s how this episode came about.  Whatever your experience level with AdSense, we’re confident there will be at least a couple of things mentioned in this podcast you probably didn’t know…a must-listen for AdSense users!

Check out this week’s episode here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Adding Users To Your AdSense Account
  • Authorized Sites
  • Site Management In AdSense
  • Using The AdSense API
  • Targeted Ad Placement
  • Protecting Your AdSense Account

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  • Mark from – It was great to take one of our readers out on his birthday here in Davao!
  • Long Tail Platinum – A new feature from LongTailPro that allows you to verify the competition level on the first page…a really nifty trick!
  • – Our GoTo for audio books…worth checking out.

Did you learn something about AdSense you didn’t know before? If you did, come say hi on Twitter or you can also use Speakpipe to leave us a message!  (Don’t worry…you can stop and start over if it doesn’t come out right the first time!)


  • Ileane says:

    These are some really sweet tips!

    For years I have been logging into IE to check my AdSense stats because I couldn’t add Gmail to my account. I had no idea they made an update that allows us to add users – now I may never log into IE again lol!

    Thanks for sharing these features with us. Really appreciate your show! Cheers.

  • Tony Lam says:

    I can’t open your podcast with my iphone ? Any instructions to do so ?

  • Ben Hebert says:

    Great podcast as always guys. My music blog gets around 65K visitors per month and I actually removed all of the ads but two this month. We’re going to double our money though which is awesome and not sure how it happened.

    Anyway it sounds like I need to add a custom channel for my site? What traffic level should you start doing this at for other niches?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Ben…thanks for the comment!

      I think the traffic level at which you should consider targeted ad placement is going to depend on the niche and how highly sought after it is. I may have a site about “kids bath towels” that would require 10K+ to be worth it and another site about “cosmetic surgery” that would only require 2-3K. The more highly sought-after and monetizable the niche, the less traffic required to make it worth it.

  • Dr. Niche says:

    Great podcast guys! I think you make a valid point about sketchy traffic and less than reputable website sellers. I’ve heard so many sob stories about cancelled Adsense accounts, only to find out the individual was buying backlinks, pushing questionable traffic or randomly bought some website from some outfit they didn’t have a clue about.

    I found what works best for me is great content and I don’t even bother with backlinks or traffic generation. It’s all about quality content and a little on page SEO. Also, know who your buying an Adsense website from. I can say that I’ve purchased a few sites from and I am more than pleased. Keep up the good work…


    • JustinWCooke says:

      I agree that there’s quite a bit of crap out there and that buyers should beware of “too good to be true deals”, but no excuses for the sketchy sellers that are running that same scam over and over again with different names, eh?

      Totally agree on the great content part, which is why we’ve been leveling up our content strategies across the board. It costs a bit more, but hoping we can more than make our money back with a better ROI on the sites we create…we’ll see! 🙂

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