Join the Team – Account Manager Position in Saigon

Account Manager Position in Saigon

We’re hiring!

Looking for a risk-free opportunity to travel and live in SE Asia while working for a badass internet startup? This might be the position for you!

We are once again offering an opportunity we wish we had years ago: a chance to live in an exotic location, work on sweet projects, and learn skills that will fast-track your online success.

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If you’ve already read through this and are ready to apply, Click here now (Application deadline has passed)

What’s the Opportunity?

We’re looking for a full-time Account Manager to work closely with us here in Vietnam. This will be an apprentice position, much like either of our last two, but for a different role.

The initial apprentice agreement is for six months, but we’re looking for someone who’s in this for the long-term. We’d like you to continue to grow with our company over the next 2-5 years, and beyond.

You’ll transition from Apprentice to Team Member as you take on additional responsibilities.

Eventually, this role could turn into a location independent position, allowing you to work from wherever you’d like.

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What’s Our Story?

Joe and I moved to the Philippines in 2008 to run our outsourcing company, and created AdSense Flippers, our first online business, where we detailed our journey in creating profitable niche sites and selling them to customers.

In early 2013, we merged our outsourcing company and our online marketing/publishing company under one brand, Empire Flippers.

We spent most of 2014 selling off our outsourcing company and working on other side-projects so that we could double down on what was becoming our main priority – helping others buy and sell websites and online businesses.

This turned our company into an online website/business brokerage, helping buyers and sellers connect through our marketplace.

We want you to help us provide an awesome experience for our customers as an Account Manager.

In 2015, we’ll continue our focus on website buyers and sellers by expanding our available marketplace listings. While we’re known for selling websites in the $10K – $200K range, we’ll look to expand that in 2015 to $500K and up to better serve our clients interests.

Your role will be to help us delight our customers by providing an amazing customer experience with post-sale support.

Why are we looking to hire another apprentice?

This will be our fourth apprentice hire. The model has proven to be quite valuable for us and the apprentices that work with us. Our most recent hire is here with us in Vietnam working on front-end sales, and we’re looking for you to add the yang to his yin.

You can read more about us here or listen to the podcast episode about our journey here.

Saigon Night Sky

What’s the Position Like?

Because we’re a small, scrappy company, you’ll likely end up wearing several different hats to fill business needs as they pop up. There are a few tasks and project you’ll be working on directly:

  • Ticket Flow – Responsible for assigning and following-up on all tickets, ensuring they get to the right people, and are handled properly.
  • Customer Hero Management – Creating, managing, and training on Standard Operating Procedures with our agents in the Philippines.
  • Post-Sale Support + Migration – Buyer/Seller communication from the point of sale through the transfer of the website/business.
  • Valued Customer Program – Creating and implementing our new Valued Customer Program to drive repeat sales and additional business.
  • Seller/Website Vetting – Reviewing all agent vetting information and taking a critical look at all website listing submissions for errors, problems, etc.
  • Posting New Listings – Taking all of the information and doing the write-up for each new listing to be published every Monday.

Ultimately, this role will be responsible for managing our customer support and the customer communication after the point of sale through the transfer process. The goal will be to provide outstanding customer support and to drive referral and repeat business with both buyers and sellers.

What Skills Do I Need?

This is primarily an Account Manager position. Here are a few of the skills required for this position:

  • Extraordinary Customer Service – You’re experienced and obsessive about providing an amazing customer experience, and love the thrill of delighting customers.
  • Account Management – You will keep detailed records for our current and previous clients, reaching out to them whenever you find an opportunity to provide value.
  • Phone Skills – Aside from just email and software, you’ll be getting on the phone and connecting with our customers. You have to be completely comfortable and professional on a call.
  • Corporate (Tech) Communication Tools – You’ve used something like HipChat or Slack to communicate with a team, Asana or Basecamp for project management, and Skype for professional calls.
  • Tech Savvy(ish) – You may not know how to write a line of code, but you’re generally familiar with WordPress, logging into a domain registrar, and working your way around a new (unfamiliar) UI. Basically, you should know your way around the internets.

Here’s are some of the secondary or nice-to-have skills:

  • Experience buying/selling websites – Maybe you’ve used a site like Flippa before, or at least have a friend that went through the buying/selling process.
  • Familiarity w/ CRM or Customer Management Tools – You’ve used something like Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zendesk, or another equivalent.
  • You’ve used AdSense/Amazon on sites before – Maybe you’ve had a few niche sites yourself or helped someone else out with theirs. You understand the monetization methods because you’ve used them personally.
  • You’ve completed a WordPress migration – Maybe you’ve sold or bought a site and helped transfer that site to someone else.

Interested in Buying or Selling? Click to Create Your Account

What’s the Living Situation Like?

You’ll be living in a small, studio apartment in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city. (District 1, Saigon) This serviced apartment will be a short walk away from street food, restaurants/bars, convenience stores, and shopping centers.

We’ll be covering your rent for (at least) the first six months of the apprenticeship. (With a plan to extend if all goes well)

Here’s a great write-up on bootstrapping in Saigon written by our friend Jon. If you’d like to take a peek at what Saigon looks like, here’s a video of someone on a scooter riding around downtown:


What else is included?

Laundry service twice a week – Hate laundry? So do we. Much easier to have this done so that you can focus on business.

  • No rent or house bills to pay – Electricity, water, cable, internet connections, trash, etc. all handled by us.
  • Maid service – Your serviced apartment will include maid service and cleaning several times a week.
  • Know your way around town – One of the frustrating things about moving somewhere is learning where to find things. For example, the best coffee shops with Internet, top nightlife spots, repair services, etc. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of this place, and have a great network of people as well.
  • Mentorship – You’ll be working closely with Joe, Mike, and I, as we continue to expand our brand and marketing efforts. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a profitable, growing business and have direct access.

You will have to pay for SOME stuff – Food, nights on the town, cell phone, personal items, etc.

We’ll take care of many of the day-to-day chores and tasks you’re familiar with so that you can maximize both work and play while you’re here.

Love It… Now What’s the Catch?

We want to integrate you into our business and allow you to prove your hustle. At the same time, you’ll be getting tons of value from us by being out here and networking within our social circles. This won’t be a vacation – you will be working your ass off.

You’ll be working closely with us and will know everything about our business. That’s quite a bit of trust and we want to be brutally honest about what you’re getting into from the beginning.

You need to be here with us in Vietnam for (at least) the first six months. While this may eventually turn into a more permanent location-independent position, we know that working in-person initially will help you become familiar with our business and help us find areas of opportunity. We want the type of person who will ask, “What do we need to do to make this relationship continue because I’m digging it and I’m good at the work!”

It’s going to be hard work. Ok, you’re not going to be digging ditches or moving heavy furniture all day, but some of the work will seriously deplete your brain power (strategy sessions, late-night calls, etc). There will be times where you’re working long, irregular hours (for example, speaking to customers in different timezones).

Some of it may be uncomfortable and will push you out of your comfort zone. Mediating between buyers and sellers, turning disgruntled customers into happy customers, testing the boundaries on your skillsets, etc. Doing less than comfortable things can be a great learning experience.

We’re going to need your full attention. This won’t be a side-project for you. We’re looking for someone that wants to create a permanent, valuable position on our team. This isn’t an extended vacation or a gap-year getaway, we want someone with a “commitment to the hustle” and savvy enough to realize the opportunity you’ll have with us.

You’re not going to make a ton of cash at the start. The good news is that most of your living expenses here are paid, and it is pretty cheap to live in SE Asia. You’ll make $1,500 USD per month, which is plenty to live a comfortable life here in Ho Chi Minh and enjoy yourself. Want to make more? Find ways to add so much value to our team that we can’t afford to lose you!

Anything Else?

We want people that are open to travel and remote work situations, but we’re not looking for backpacking hippies that just want to goof off for several months.

We want hungry, eye-on-the-prize hustlers that are serious about changing their lives and building businesses. You’ll be managing projects not running tasks, so we need someone who can take initiative and get shit done.

We don’t want to oversell this, but it is an amazing opportunity.

Don’t think you’re qualified? You might be surprised! Go ahead and apply. We’re looking for a good fit more than anything else.

We’ll be reviewing EVERY application, and we know others that are looking to provide a similar opportunity, so you might be a good fit for them as well.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Record the YouTube video (details below), fill out the application , and submit by the due date (Deadline: Jan 31st but bonus points for early submissions)

Step 2: Review submissions and schedule interview (Early February)

Step 3: Second interview and final decision (Late February)

Step 4: Apprentice announcement (Late February)

Step 5: Arrive in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (March)

NOTE: The YouTube video is required. Applications without a video will not be reviewed.

*YouTube Video Requirements:

First section: 1-2 minutes – Explain why you’re a good fit for Empire Flippers.

Second section: 1-2 minutes – How would you go about turning our customer service from an overhead cost to a profit center?

Third section: 1-3 minutes – Do you consider yourself more of a “hunter” or a “farmer”? Which is more important and why?

Please put this all in one video and upload it to YouTube. We’ll need you to give us the link in the application.

If you’re thinking about applying but worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) – don’t worry…you’re probably better than you think you are. :-)

Click here to apply now! (Application deadline has passed)

If this position isn’t for you, but you know someone who would be a good fit, please do share on Facebook, Twitter, via email, etc.

We look forward to working with YOU soon! Want to hear about more opportunities like this? Sign up for our email list below.

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  1. […] Account Manager Apprentice Position In Saigon […]

  2. Alessio says:

    Great post and great job offer… Too bad I found out this offer too late…
    I’ve been in SE Asia for two years now, and it’s amazing. Vietnam is one of my favorite country there.

  3. Tom says:

    This looks like an awesome opportunity – I just finished my application! :)

  4. Sudeep says:

    Thanks guys , what a wonderful opportunity to apply for this job and make it life changing :)
    cheeeeerrrrsssss :)

  5. Aaron says:

    This is among the coolest and most passionate job posts I’ve seen in ages. I love it!

  6. Man…. what an awesome offer… Vietnam is a fantastic place as well… Whoever gets this role will have their life changed for ever…

  7. James Parrett says:

    This looks like an awesome opportunity, I didn’t realize you guys were operating in Vietnam now. Good luck everyone!

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Hey James,

      Yep, both Joe and I ended up over here in November and will be here for a bit through 2015. I’ll likely be bouncing in and out, but Joe’s setting up a bit of a base in HCM for the year.

  8. Best of luck to all the applicants! I started off as the Marketing Apprentice back in November of 2013 and it’s been LIFE CHANGING.

    Quick list of why I’d do it all over again if I was just starting out:

    -You meet tons of brilliant people and you grow both professionally and personally. That was still the case even though I spent nearly a year in Davao City, a sleepy town with a network that is constantly growing and shrinking. This position has you in Saigon, Vietnam. There are a lot of people in our business circles there. You’re going to run into people you know everywhere.

    -You learn from two pros who know what they’re talking about. Justin and Joe don’t sell the dream. They’ve seen some stuff, maaaan. Growing close to the founders and working with them closely is the fastest way to accelerate your learning.

    -You get to travel. Once you move from apprentice to full-time employee, you’re officially location-independent. I spent a year in the Philippines, a month in Thailand, and a month in California. How many people get to work whenever they want, wherever they want? Just make sure you get your work done! ;)

    Alright… I think you get the point. This is a good opportunity and Justin and Joe are great guys. I had a blast both as their apprentice and as their Marketing Director. Glad to be able to call them both friends.

    Best of luck, applicants!

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