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Write For Us

Here at Empire Flippers, we seek to motivate and inspire our readers and their entrepreneurial spirit.

As a guest blogger, you’ll be writing for a company featured on,,, and more. Your work will be exposed to over 40 thousand viewers per month, over 35,000 email subscribers, and over 10 thousand followers on social media. You’ll be writing for industry leaders in buying, selling, and investing in online businesses who are looking to make deals in the five to seven figure range.  

If you choose to contribute to the Empire Flippers blog as a guest poster, you will represent our brand and the entrepreneurial spirit we encourage.

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But here are a few guidelines in case that isn’t enough information.

What to write for us

As mentioned above, our audience consists of buyers, sellers, and investors with an entrepreneurial spirit, so we like to see a diverse range of topics. Consider the following when brainstorming ideas:

  • Buyers: Due diligence in picking sites, growing purchased sites, portfolio diversification, team-building/hiring, management software for website portfolios, negotiating deals, understanding seller mindset, case studies
  • Sellers: Preparing for a sale, negotiating with buyers, leverage, when to sell, accounting/tax benefits or downsides, understanding buyer motivations, business automation, case studies
  • Investors: Portfolio diversification, comparison of websites assets vs. other asset classes, understanding returns, Risk vs. Reward scenarios, case studies

Some secondary topics to consider are:

  • Entrepreneurship: Mindset, hiring/firing, automation, case studies on other businesses/entrepreneurs, round-ups from well-known entrepreneurs
  • Productivity: Hacks/Tips/Tricks, software comparisons, SOPs and process explanations and examples
  • How-Tos: Tactical approaches to doing X, Y, and Z as they relate to our audience
  • Round-Ups: Industry professionals around SEO, website buying/selling, content marketing experts, social media, etc.

Make sure you tie these back to one of the main topics above, where possible, keeping in mind our audience of website and online business buyers, sellers, and investors.

How to write for us

Here’s the important part.

When you’re writing for Empire Flippers, you’re representing Empire Flippers. Though we prefer you submit your ideas before actually writing them, keep the following points in mind when drafting a post for us:

  • Keep your writing casual. As you can tell by this page, we like to keep things pretty conversational and friendly. Let the reader see your personality in your writing!
  • Always be helpful. Never be condescending or pretentious. Our readers hate that (as do we).
  • Make your posts easily scannable. Keep your paragraphs short and emphasize the important bits. Include images, screenshots, and visuals to break up the text and to provide context/color for reader.
  • Relate back to your audience. No matter what your topic is, always relate it back to the buyer, seller, or investor whenever possible.
  • Be interactive. Respond to posts in the comments and on social media where applicable.

We like to see posts of about two to three thousand words in length, but our minimum requirement is one thousand words. Please refer to the AP styleguide for any questions regarding style.

While we are willing to work with anyone on a great article idea or concept, we aren’t able to publish everything that gets submitted. If we do end up declining your article, we will explain why it isn’t a good fit for the Empire Flippers audience, so that you can submit elsewhere.

All articles published on Empire Flippers will be exclusive to the site.

Now that you know what we like to see and how we like to see it, you’re ready to start writing. When you have an idea and you’re ready to submit email the address below. Create a good headline for the article and include a brief 100-200 word summary of what the article will be about. 

Ready to get started?

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Good luck!