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For Sale


Listing Price $170,806
Monthly Multiple 21x
Pricing Periods 12 Months
Brand Registry No
Avg. Monthly Profit $8,134
Avg. Monthly Revenue $42,516
Profit Margin %

Business Started

1st of December, 2015
(6 years 11 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

  • Primary domain & all site content/files
  • Shopify Account
  • Facebook page with 250K+ followers:
  • Instagram page with 10K+followers
  • Email list 220K+
  • Facebook ads account with the current active profitable campaigns
  • Zendesk account with all past customer support tickets and response templates
  • Subscription service site & email list
Listing Details

This listing is for a dropshipping and ecommerce business created in December 2015 in the jewelry & accessories niche. The Shopify site primarily features unique jewelry, with over 1500 products currently listed and more added every day. Three VAs help make the store run on automated systems, so the Seller can spend minimal time working on the business. With 260K+ social followers and a strong email list of 220K+, this business has a clear path outlined for growth.

As a marketing strategy, the business has used Facebook to promote the store and its products. The hard work and development have paid off and these days the Facebook advertising works sustainably, almost on auto-pilot. Thanks to the large following, the Seller can spot the winning posts published on the page and then create paid campaigns for them. These tasks could be delegated to one of the VAs as well if the Buyer wished to do so.

The VAs handle the vast majority of order fulfillment, customer service, Facebook posting and day-to-day operations. They also process the fulfillment of any orders that come in for a jewelry line that is not dropshipped. This line is stored with FBA, though sold only on the Shopify site. This process is made even smoother with procedures and tools like Zendesk in place. This allows the Seller to focus on paid ads, email marketing, and the high-level tasks of company finances and managing the VAs.

It is worth noting, the Buyer does not need to be a Facebook marketing "expert" to continue to be successful with Facebook advertising. The Seller feels they will be able to easily train the Buyer on how to do it and how to continue the same processes, and it will not take much time.

While most of the traffic is from social, a nice 15% is direct traffic that seems to be from returning users, and almost 10% is from organic traffic without any SEO efforts being made. This is an opportunity for the Buyer to expand. With such a large internal audience, the Seller suggests that the best opportunity for growth is to focus on the email list as it much easier, and significantly cheaper, to generate revenue from existing customers than it is to find new customers.

*The Seller is including in the sale, a subscription box service that was launched in December of 2017. This part of the business has been managed by the Seller's partner and is in the same niche. This subscription box service has its own website, customers, and email list, and some cross-marketing is done with the main site as it is a nice complimentary service. The subscription box service can be separated and operated as a business on its own. As the profits from this new venture continue to grow, the Seller suggests the new owner outsource this work to an employee to help the subscription service expand quickly. Since its launch, it's brought in around 10% of the revenue for the business.

*In February 2016, PayPal limited the ability to receive payments to the PayPal account. In response, the Seller created a new LLC company and a new PayPal account specifically for this business. This account is active and in good standing to this day.

*In November 2017 Facebook deactivated the Business Manager account because of ads run on a different ecommerce profile (unrelated niche). Even though the Ads Account of this business was separate, the access to this account was restricted as well. After a few weeks of reorganization, the Seller opened a new Ads Account solely for this business, which is working well and in good standing to this day.

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Seller Questions & Answers
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  • Ramping up the Facebook ad budgets and creating more campaigns
  • Improving the brand recognition and social presence
  • Utilizing the large email list better
  • Growing the organic traffic
Work & Skills Required
  • Launching new ad campaigns and optimizing the running campaign for better profitability.
  • Creating and sending out the weekly new arrivals email.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Monitoring the VAs and ensuring high-quality work.
Seller Support Includes

The Seller is willing to provide 30 days of Skype and email support to ensure a smooth transition.

Reason for Sale

Though the Seller has put a lot of love, energy and countless hours to get the website and business to the spot it is in today. The Seller feels it is now time to move on to other business ventures.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 7 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): No

Domain Type: .com

Platform: Shopify

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