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Digital Media

For Sale

Digital Media

Digital Product
Listing Price $99,913
Monthly Multiple 28x
Pricing Periods 12 Months
Brand Registry No
Avg. Monthly Profit $3,568
Avg. Monthly Revenue $5,041
Profit Margin %

Business Started

13th of August, 2015
(7 years 7 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

  • Plugin lite version (including user base + WP SVN repo)
  • Plugin Pro version (including user base + upcoming renewals)
  • Website including copyrighted content and images
  • 2 x domains (primary and a secondary)
  • Export of GIT repo (Both the Lite and Pro version hosted in a private GitLab environment)
  • Folder (Dropbox) with content, graphics, SOPs, themes, etc.
  • Social Accounts (Facebook, Twitter , YouTube)
  • Email list
  • Affiliates/partners (80 people/companies)
Listing Details

This listing is for a digital product business created in August 2015 in the Wordpress niche. The business provides a Wordpress plugin in both free (Lite) and paid (Pro) versions. Customers have the option of choosing a single license or an agency license for the plugin that they can renew manually once their period is over.

The free version of the plugin has strong weekly download numbers and the seller has suggested a number of opportunities in the "Opportunities & Risks" section below to optimize the business to convert these users into paying customers.

When it comes to site content, the seller has occasionally written a tutorial or blog post regarding big/new functionalities. There are opportunities for the new owner to create new content and use the mailing list as a marketing tool.

It is worth noting that the business current employs a support/development staff member that will not be continuing with the new owner. The current employee is available to work for a month at a rate to help while the new owner hires/trains a new employee. There is also the option for the new owner to handle the support and development themselves if they are experienced.

Gross Revenue
Net Profit
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6 Months
12 Months
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Site Traffic
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Unique Users
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Seller Questions & Answers
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  • Opportunities for growing this business include:
  • User onboarding: educating new users how to use the free plugin, so they will understand the process and won't abandon/uninstall the
  • free version (will lead to more upsells to the Pro version)
  • Improving the default plugin pages to a more modern look and feel
  • Adding tooltips in lite version with functionalities of Pro version, so Lite version users are knowing what they are missing out on by not
  • purchasing the pro version. (seller has started doing this in May 2017 and has seen a 30% increase in gross sales already)
  • Sending out news, tutorials, themes and plugin updates on a regular basis to the mailing list
  • Adding an email opt-in functionality in the free Lite version
  • Creating an educational/upsell funnel to the Pro version and other related products if any
  • Improving the homepage and adding latest features to it (not every functionality is mentioned on the homepage or in the documentation yet)
  • Adding more testimonials on the homepage and pricing page
  • Following up (automatically) with abandoned carts (Functionality is available, but hasn't been configured)
  • Splitting the Pro version to a core version and extensions to get more sales from each customer
  • Using the "recurring payments" addon for EDD so customers will automatically renew their license after their license period is over
  • Paid advertising (FB Ads, Adwords, reviews on WP related blogs)
  • Adding more integrations with other popular mail providers, CRM systems and membership plugins
  • Improving SEO more
  • Adding live and/or automated product demos (pre-sale questions are asking about this a lot)
  • Exploring joint Ventures (there is already a base of affiliates, but the seller hasn't done joint ventures or special campaigns yet, apart from Black Friday coupons/links)
  • Risks:
  • Potential customers can be biased before buying when reading reviews on the page. There are 2 bad reviews from former customers who left them just because they were too late to ask for their refund. The new owner can turn this risk into an opportunity by generating more positive reviews. (Remember that you can't offer anything in return for users to leave a review due to WordPress plugin policies.)
Work & Skills Required
  • On day to day basis the seller is providing support to existing customers and answering pre-sale questions for potential new customers.
  • On monthly basis the seller releases new functionalities and bug fixes for both the free Lite version and Pro version.
  • Occasionally the seller creates a promotion campaign around a certain holiday.
Seller Support Includes

The seller is willing to provide support for 30 days. There is also a support/development staff member that is available to work for one month at a rate. The staff member can assist with the business while the new owner is hiring and training  a new employee.

Reason for Sale

The seller can't find the time and energy to grow this business further. They have another business growing rapidly, so they want to focus on that venture.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 4 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): No

Domain Type: .com

Platform: WordPress

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