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Real Estate

For Sale

Real Estate

Display Advertising
Listing Price $286,175
Monthly Multiple 33x
Pricing Periods 3 Months
Brand Registry No
Avg. Monthly Profit $8,672
Avg. Monthly Revenue $9,755
Profit Margin %

Business Started

18th of June, 2003
(19 years 5 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

  • Social media accounts, the domain, and all site content included in the sale of the business.
Listing Details

A lead generation site with multiple revenue streams created in June 2003 in the real estate niche. This business focuses on finding great homes, real estate, and retirement options in a very popular Latin American country. This very exciting business has been around for almost 15 years, and has established itself as the go-to place for identifying the right real estate choices in this particular country.

Although this business has been around for a very long time, it hasn't plateaued or become stagnant in what tends to be a very competitive niche. Instead, the business presents any interested buyer with loads of potential to grow with new partnerships and opportunities that the current owner just doesn't have the time to tap into at the moment.

For this listing, any potential buyer must be pre-approved for an AdSense account.

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Seller Questions & Answers
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  • This site has regularly made the seller $25,000+ per month when they had a lot more energy and creativity. The new buyer might want to think of affiliating themselves with a successful real estate franchise and doing a joint venture with them - perhaps even a franchise that's not already in the country. It would be a simple matter to replace one realtor (who already has a big presence on the site) or all of them with one or more of the new owner's.
  • The new owner can structure whatever deal they want with real estate developers. The most recent developer (who will be named to any depositors to protect the URL) paid the seller for promotion with articles and videos only, they did not pay a sales commission. That's fine because every lead the seller generated for them that did NOT close with them, may have closed with someone else.
  • This promotion of quality real estate projects in this country is an area that could also be dramatically expanded.
  • There is a huge potential to increase the business's income.
  • There's probably at least $10,000+ per month in additional income from things like:
  • A professional real estate salesperson or real estate organization could benefit tremendously from the quality real estate buyers who frequent the website looking for reputable developers and trustworthy realtors.
  • A quality real estate developer could recoup his investment very quickly. This website has helped sell hundreds of homes and apartments which have generated millions of dollars for the seller's business associates and a little bit for themselves too...
  • Finding new advertisers, establishing additional relationships with more real estate developers and independent real estate sales people could easily double overall revenues which is what the owner enjoyed a few years ago.
  • Recommending professional, reference-checked 'medical tourism' services with quality medical tourism providers could dramatically expand the income generated with the business.
  • Offering quality products for sale - the owner used to sell their own private label 'Fair Trade' coffee (Name can be revealed in a private discussion) - so this could also produce more revenue.
  • The owner has never found the time to offer comprehensive travel services on the website which would be an easy-to-develop and possibly very profitable niche.
  • A successful Spanish language newspaper or magazine in this country which wants to target the affluent English language market.
  • It would be a simple matter to develop a paid-membership 'inner circle' type scenario where you could offer a premium membership for premium content and exclusive video interviews for example and charge your subscriber $49+ per month. Out of 25,000 people who receive our newsletter even if only 0.5% subscribe that would be an additional $6,125 per month .... The seller has NOT launched it but they have been toying with the idea of launching this new membership service which you can be shown to any interested buyer who places a deposit.
  • It would also be simple to feature more 'news' and send out the newsletter more than once or twice per week.
Work & Skills Required
  • The owner has an assistant that does the tedious stuff for them. It is of course the buyer’s decision to keep or not to keep this virtual assistant. She's been very helpful to the owner over the years, but the buyer may already have people that he/she can rely on.
  • The seller's current virtual assistant is a 80% bilingual. Her Spanish-English translation needs to be double checked.
  • When the seller receives articles and real listings, she puts them up on the website for them, she crops the photos, adds the Google AdSense codes and the correct footer and then all the seller has to do is to double-check for accuracy and program it for publishing which typically takes them about 90 seconds.
  • This assistant also does any online research that needs to be done.
  • This assistant is not a writer, but she is certainly capable of doing more work on the website and she does want to earn more money.
  • Regarding the articles on the site, most of the time the seller publishes articles written by the different realtors and service providers. If you search by ‘author’ on the site for the author ‘Dennis’ (Dennis Exxx is the seller's Atenas realtor) you will see he has contributed 84 articles and real estate listings.
  • If you search for ‘Daveed’ (Daveed Holxxxx is the Dominical realtor), you will see he has contributed 217 articles and real estate listings.
  • The seller has a good writer they found (Keith in Australia) who they are sure would be delighted with any additional work the new owner gives him. Keith helped the seller with 20 articles for a certain real estate project they promoted. The seller paid him $250 for the 20 articles which is great because the developer paid them $17,000'ish for the articles, videos and publicity for one year on the site.
Seller Support Includes

60 days Skype calls, email and Whatsapp support should give the new buyer all the knowledge and confidence needed to manage and grow the business.

Reason for Sale

After 13+ years it's just time to move on to other projects.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 2 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): No

Domain Type: .com

Platform: Other

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