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Bed & Bath, Home, Lifestyle, Personal Care

For Sale

Bed & Bath, Home, Lifestyle, Personal Care

Display AdvertisingDropShippingeCommerce
Listing Price $25,000
Monthly Multiple 14x
Pricing Periods 3 Months
Brand Registry No
Avg. Monthly Profit $1,838
Avg. Monthly Revenue $18,905
Profit Margin %

Business Started

19th of May, 2014
(8 years 6 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

  • The domain is registered through GoDaddy, so will have to be transferred through there.
  • The site is hosted on BigCommerce, so there will have to be an admin switch from there.
  • The manufacturers will require a new application form, and this will be like opening a new account – this will be straight forward.
  • The e-mails are all through Gmail, with redirects from Seller will have to transfer over the account. This main e-mail includes Google Merchant, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Webmasters tools.
  • There are some files for the business that will have to be transferred.
  • There is an order form template, which is an excel sheet that pulls data to make order filling quick and easy.
  • There is a customer service response template for out of stock items.
  • There is also a product description excel file, used for adding products, that has to be transferred over.
Listing Details

A dropshipping, eCommerce and advertising site created in May 2014 in the home and garden niche. The site's content is focused around different types of bathroom fixtures such as sinks, cabinets, mirrors, bathtubs, etc. This site requires very little work per week to maintain it's current earnings, and is a great site for someone looking for an eCommerce business that generates a lot of revenue. There are some opportunities to cut costs and expenses to increase margins, and some SEO work will see more traffic flow into the site, which will lead to more sales and profit.

Gross Revenue
Net Profit
Last Month
6 Months
12 Months
All time
Site Traffic
Page Views
Unique Users
Last Month
6 Months
12 Months
All time
Ahrefs Analytical Data
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Seller Questions & Answers
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  • Seller would expand the range of brands in each category (vanities, tubs, toilets, shower panels, shower enclosures, bathroom tiles, accessories, etc.) Right now the site does not have all of the potential suppliers, it is actually focused on vanities although it is under the umbrella of the bathroom niche. There is a huge potential to grow here, especially because of the cross-selling of high priced items. For a whole different stream of revenue right now, getting all of the products on Houzz would be beneficial.
  • Because of the lack of funds seller was not able to test run Google Shopping Ads on a few of the existing brands. Seller had some success converting sales from traffic to those products, but did not try to scale it.
  • Seller also ran Amazon Product Ads to the website which had inconsistent results, and they did not list products on Amazon to compete for the buy box.
  • Seller has also tested Facebooks ad before to particular products, and had several add to carts. It was a bad test though because the coupon code was not functioning, thus had no sales. Seller did not invest the funds to continue testing this portion out, but it seemed possible since people were adding to cart.
  • Content marketing is not seller's expertise and not a focus of this website, but there are ways to do it for someone who has knowledge of this and might be another good opportunity for the site to grow.
Work & Skills Required
  • Checking emails to see if there are any orders, voice messages, updates on shipping information, or updates on damages reported.
  • Possibly fill out an order form for the day, which takes only few minutes to ensure all data is correct.
  • Possibly may need to return calls if assistant is out. The inquiries could be anything from stock status, order status, shipping questions, or questions about the materials used for the products. Typically very short phone calls.
  • Updates to shipping information is done through the BigCommerce platform. Owner gets an e-mail from the manufacturer, and plug-in the information through the back-end of BigCommerce.
  • If there are any damages reported to assistant, she is instructed to have them e-mail photos of the damages. Owner then just forwards the e-mail to the manufacturer, and they take care of it. (Report time varies for different manufacturers – typically the bigger ones have more lenient policies)
  • Owner keeps an eye on the keywords in the AdWords account to make sure the words are competing.  Seller checks the account to make sure there is no overspending.
  • Twice a week, the seller does updates on inventory. Seller has a spreadsheet set-up where the data can be plugged in and extracted to put into BigCommerce .csv file. It takes about a couple minutes per brand.
  • Log all financial data.
  • There aren’t any monthly maintenance routines for the website, except for checking out the ads.
Seller Support Includes

Seller is willing to provide support needed for the seller to be comfortable with the systems in place on the website. Seller will provide 30 days of e-mail support, with phone call support as well.  Seller can be available for further consultation after 30 days, or further support with the website. Everything should be straight forward.   

Reason for Sale

Seller wants to turn their attention to other projects.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 1 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): No

Domain Type: .com

Platform: Other

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