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Add Funds to Your EF Wallet

Go to Your Wallet

Go to Your Wallet

Navigate to your wallet after logging into your Empire Flippers account and select the Add Funds button.


Copy Wire Memo

Once you have submitted a wire request click on the blue box to copy your Wire memo / Reference token.

Attach Wire Memo

Attach Wire Memo

Send us the funds ensuring you add the Wire memo to your transfer.

Email Notification

Email Notification

Once your funds have been added to your account, you will receive an automated email notification.

At Your Bank

Insert your generated individual Wire Memo in the Message to Recipient or Addendum field of your Wire or ACH transaction instructions at your bank.

The Wire Memo tells our system that the funds are from you and where to apply your funds. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP. Please do not reuse the same wire memo. Each memo code is to be used for one transaction only.