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We are looking to bring on a Media Buyer to join our team! This is a huge opportunity for you to work with one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and learn the ins and outs of the online business world. Over the last couple of years, our company has seen explosive growth—and there is no sign of it slowing down.

In order to keep hitting our goals, which include having the largest number of high quality deals in the market, we need to expand our horizons and improve our customer experience to a point that makes us the de-facto standard for buying and selling online businesses. Your work will help propel the industry forward to new levels not seen before.

Being a location-independent full time position is one of the many benefits. You’ll be free to work anywhere in the world outside of the USA (with the exception of Colorado, Florida, or Texas). Be it the beaches in Thailand – which does have superb 4G connectivity and cheaper cost of living – or in a mountain resort in the Swiss Alps – the choice is yours. *see USA resident requirements below.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, then read on to learn more about our company and how to apply for the position!

Job Details

What’s The Opportunity?

Becoming a Media Buyer makes you a critical part of Empire Flippers. You will learn skills that will last you a lifetime in the online business world.

You will be responsible for working with the marketing team to create a collaborative strategy to increase brand exposure, generate leads and drive real revenue. You will build and implement a variety of performance campaigns across Google, Facebook and Linkedin. Over time, other ad networks will likely be explored and tested.

In addition to performance networks, you will also assist in non-performance media buys such as show, newsletters and conference sponsorships. 

You’ll be working closely with our marketing team where we’ll teach you the ins and outs of the online business brokerage industry, coming from years of experience. You will also be in close contact with the sales team to routinely analyze and audit the leads, scheduled meetings and ultimately the quality of the marketing qualified leads that are passed on to the sales team.

This is a full-time remote position. Our company is growing at a fast rate, which means excellent opportunities for personal and career growth. We may ask you to attend conferences too, which can help you network with industry leaders.

What’s the Position Like?

The Media Buyer position is vital to the success of our company, working within the marketing department to run a mixture of direct response, retargeting various funnel segments, and content driven marketing campaigns that will feature a variety of goals. One day might be spent split-testing a direct ad for lead generation, another working with the content team on the best way to implement ads to boost content exposure, and another day crafting a buzz marketing campaign around specific events such as conferences.

For an ambitious and hard working candidate that can produce success, there is a possibility to have a real seat at the marketing table as an active decision maker.

The main KPIs this role is expected to increase on the seller side:

  • Seller submissions
  • Exit planning calls
  • Valuation tool submissions

The main KPIs this role is expected to increase on the buyer side:

  • Buyer unlocks
  • Buyer verified liquidity
  • Criteria Discovery calls

Here’s a look at some of the tasks and processes you’ll be responsible for:

  • Campaign ideation to implementation across several different ad networks (Each network rolled out slowly not all at once)
  • Analyzing contacts created in the CRM 
  • Collaborating with content team
  • Design listing campaigns
  • New campaign ideations to attract more business buyers and sellers
  • Constant split-testing of campaigns
  • Non-Performance Media Buys
  • Act as liaison with any designers used for creatives, agencies for special projects and any other 3rd party utilized to advance our brand’s media buying effectiveness

These are larger projects the media buyer will tackle and implement in addition to normal job routine duties:

Full funnel retarget promotion roadmap

  1. Knowing what content to push via retargeting at specific stages of the funnel 
  2. Testing a variety of pillar pieces of content to find highest converting content
  3. Creating clarity on retargeting data

Lever Campaigns

  1. Campaigns designed to be turned on and off to produce high quantities of qualified meetings for both buy/seller side sales team
  2. Campaigns designed to get clicks on older listings that can be turned on and off as needed

Buzz Marketing

  1. Collaborating with content team to produce PR campaign play that could lead to outsize media attention on the brand

Cold traffic webinar funnel

  1. Ability to produce 20+ active listeners on biweekly webinar at economical cost

Conference boosting campaign

  1. Using paid media around a few select handpicked conferences to target the audience there to increase booth traffic and brand awareness

Implementing Jobs to Be Done mindset across all paid media 

Drilling down to core numbers

  1. Analyze buy side CRM with all available data to come up with more accurate CAC to use as a benchmark for media buying
  2. Analyze sell side CRM with all available data to come up with more accurate CAC to use as a benchmark for media buying

Engagement Funnel

  1. Cultivate engagement audiences that show high evangelism for our brand
  2. Engagement audience is used to boost other organic marketing channel efforts (i.e Youtube, blog, podcast virality or specific events that needs an initial push from most loyal fans such as a Reddit AMA)

Info Course Launch

  1. Strong cold traffic campaigns
  2. Effective retargeting campaigns

What Skills Do I Need?

We believe in hiring people that are a good fit for us culturally.

The right candidate must fit our brand and be able to display their ability to drive meaningful revenue in a tough B2B market with long, complex sales cycles. This role requires a high level of competency, creativity, work ethic and the desire to push the limits of what is possible within the marketing team.

Required skills:

  1. Demonstrable revenue driving campaigns in a B2B space using:
  • Google Adwords
  • Google GDN
  • Youtube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  1. Highly analytical
  2. Strong experience working with tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  3. Understanding of full funnel marketing using email and pixel segmentation
  4. High creative and problem solving skills
  5. Marketing budget managing and reporting experience
  6. Strong grasp on technical aspects of performance marketing
  7. Intermediate grasp on creative design
  8. Ability to navigate convoluted attribution tracking in long complex sales cycles
  9. Intermediate to advance copywriting skills
  10. Strong understanding of marketing funnels
  11. Intermediate understanding of lifecycle stages

Preferred Skills:

  1. Solid negotiation skills to aid non-performance media buys
  2. Strong creative design skills
  3. Intermediate Hubspot knowledge
  4. Familiarity with the M&A online business space
  5. Strong grasp on mechanics of content marketing
  6. Managerial experience 

What’s the Lifestyle Like?

Our company culture is built on the idea of travel, remote work, and living life on your terms.

We’re not looking to put you in a cubicle and waste your time in traffic. You’ll be working hard, playing hard, and learning all about our company and what we stand for during this time.

Apart from meeting us in person every now and then, you’re free to work and live anywhere you’d like and join the new class of digital nomads – we’re homeless but have a passport, credit card, and a laptop.

You’ll become friends with people who will be able to give you massive insights into how digital businesses work, how they scale, and, of course, how to invest in them or sell them.

Love It. What’s the Catch?

This isn’t a gap year experience. This is not a temporary contract.

If you’re applying just because you want something to fund your travels before you start seeking out a “serious” job, then you probably shouldn’t apply.

We’re looking for career-minded people who share our vision and see where we’re going. We want you to be part of that vision and help us get there over the long haul.

And while we play hard and sometimes really do work next to the pool all day, we work even harder. Sometimes you will be putting in a 10-12 hour day as business demands arise. You’ll be working weird hours to match other team members time zones, and you’ll sometimes have to face some critical feedback.

You will be expected to perform to our expectations and really help us grow our business to the next level. We’re counting on you.

If you can see yourself growing into a profitable and meaningful career with us and love what we do, we want you to be part of our team.

Details to Keep in Mind

The role is fast-paced, dynamic and very much an evolving position.  

While the media buying department will in large part be built from scratch, this position itself is not an entry level role. You will start with a $2000 month base rate, plus immediately join our lucrative bonus sharing plan. Should company performance reach 100% of on target earnings, you have a very good opportunity to earn between $60,000-$70,000 in your first year with the potential to make six figures in your second year.

We’re going to start you off slow. You’ll first learn about our company and what each department does; then you will be given some low-level tasks to ease you into the position. Over time, your skills will grow and you’ll be making a lot of decisions on your own. However, you will always have our support and knowledge to lean on. We aren’t going to throw you to the wolves — you’ll be part of a high-functioning team that is here to help wherever we can.

*see US resident requirements below.

Our Director of Marketing and CMO will be reviewing every application. If we think you’re a good fit, we will reach out to you to do a video call interview. After the first interviews are done, our final candidates will be brought back for a final second interview before we make our decision.

*US resident requirements: we will accept candidates residing in Texas, Florida, or Colorado, as we are registered for payroll in these states. Otherwise, US candidates should plan to live abroad or have plans to relocate to Texas, Florida, or Colorado.

We have a no side project policy: we do not allow any ownership, association, or affiliations with online businesses or websites. If you are the owner of an online business, then you will be expected to either sell the business before you join us or sunset it upon accepting a job offer from us. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not apply.

A background check is required. 

How Do I Apply?

Here is the sequence of events we use when hiring our Media Buyer:

  • You record a YouTube video* explaining who you are and why you’re a good fit for the position, fill out an application, and submit it ASAP.
  • The deadline is June 18, 2021.
  • We review submissions and schedule interviews in mid June.
  • The chosen candidate will begin July 12, 2021.

*YouTube Video Requirements:

We will only accept submissions that include a YouTube URL. Please leave the video “unlisted” in preferences and share the link with us. The quality of the video doesn’t matter, and there are no bonus points for editing. We just want (up to) three minutes of you explaining (based on your previous experience) why this position is an excellent fit for you and us.

If you’re thinking about applying but are worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) — don’t worry. If you want to build something more than just a 9-to-5 job, then click the “apply” button below.

We look forward to working with you soon!

We’re sorry, but this position is closed and we are no longer accepting applications.

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