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EF Capital Summary of Terms

Investor Profile Accredited Investors
Minimum Investment $25,000 USD
Capital Stack 95% investor capital 5% operator capital
Profit Split & Carried Interest

66.7% to Investors 33.3% Carried Interest

20% to Portfolio Managers 10% to EF Capital 3.3% to Advisors

Operating Profit Distribution Schedule Paid Quarterly. Split at the percentages above First distribution 9-12 months after investment
Sale of Business Distribution Schedule Investors recoup their initial investment first Increase in business value is split at the percentages above
Hold Period 2-4 years
Return Expectations 20% projected average annual returns*
Reporting Quarterly reports including financials and commentary. Financials will be put together by a 3rd party accounting firm and reviewed by EFC

* These are estimated returns which may be significantly higher or lower. There is no cap or guarantee on returns, and investments may result in partial or total loss.  Please refer to legal fund documents for full detail of terms.

Why Invest with Empire Flippers Capital?

Empire Flippers has done over $300 million worth of deals and is the #1 largest curated marketplace in the world for online businesses. Over the last decade, we’ve built a network of operators with successful track records.

Businesses Brokered 1,800+
Sales Volume $350M+
Active Buyers & Sellers 225K+
Return Expectations Where do returns come from?
  • Purchase Multiple – An online business is typically sold for a monthly multiple. For example, if a business makes $25,000 per month, and it is acquired for $1,000,000, that makes the purchase multiple 40x. If you bought this business to manage and earnings stay the same, you would receive a 30% annual ROI.
  • Carried Interest - These are the fees paid by the investor out of the profits. With 33% carried interest, the investor keeps 2/3 of the profits in order to turn this into a passive investment and be able to build a diversified portfolio with fractional ownership. A business acquired at a 40x multiple that generates a 30% annual ROI would net investors 20%.
  • Growth/Decline – This is a risky investment and we're projecting that one out of five deals could fail. In a diversified basket of deals, the growing deals can offset the losers. We strongly recommend only participating in EF Capital if you plan to do multiple deals.
  • Exit Multiple - Valuation multiples have continued to increase every year. We have used conservative estimates in all of our projections but if this trend continues or accelerates, investor returns could be positively impacted.

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