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EFP 187 - 7 Habits of Successful Portfolio Buyers

EFP 187: 7 Habits Of Successful Portfolio Buyers

Justin Cooke August 8, 2019

Portfolio buyers take a professional approach to buying businesses, often owning several or even dozens of businesses. In this episode, Joe & I discuss some of the habits of our most successful portfolio buyers to see what they have in common.

Listen in to catch all 7 secrets and set yourself up for success. We cover everything from how these buyers approach deals, handle due diligence, communicate with sellers, and fund their deals.

While this is a valuable episode for sellers and portfolio buyers, there is plenty of great information for other types of buyers as well.

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  1. Don’t Take Deals Personally
  2. Buy Deals Where They Have Strategic Advantage
  3. Pre + Post Due Diligence Process
  4. Often Look For Ways To Keep Seller Involved
  5. Team In Place
  6. Honest And Direct With Sellers
  7. Fund Deals Quickly




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“These portfolio buyers are less likely to lose a deal over something silly, something ego-driven…and really focus on the business aspect of what’s going on” – Justin – Tweet This!

“If you’re a portfolio buyer — or honestly, any type of buyer — and you’re dealing with competing offers, that’s a really good reason to understand the seller’s needs.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“[Portfolio buyers] don’t look for a deal with a plan to hire a new team.” – Justin – Tweet This!

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