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Welcome To Empire Flippers

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Hey! Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti here. We’re website brokers who help online entrepreneurs expand their “online empire” through buying and selling websites and businesses. We do that every day with our website marketplace where we list established and profitable websites for sale.

Don’t have a website you want to sell or the cash to buy a site right now? Not a problem. We just so happen to teach people how to build, buy, and sell websites for free.

Just don’t call us gurus – we don’t have any slick, over-hyped eBooks to sell you. In fact, we’ve built our business and brand by giving valuable information away for free. That’s not to say we don’t make money online (we do) it’s just that we value transparency and hiding the good stuff behind a pay wall isn’t how we roll.

Reading our blog and listening to our podcast will teach you the exact strategy we’ve used to make over $500,000 in 2013.

Want tailored advice you won’t find anywhere else on website flipping? Signup below:

Our Story

Joe and Justin Corporate Party You can find out a bit more about our story in episode #2 of our Top 50 iTunes Business podcast, but we used to be salaried, mid-level managers in the US…until we fired ourselves. We packed our bags, setup our corporation in the Philippines, and flew halfway around the world to start a new adventure.

It was scary exciting and led us to a new world of opportunities. It’s amazing how vastly your life can change in such a short period of time.

We went from this:

Joe Magnotti in the Corporate world

To this:

Joe Magnotti Now in Paradise

We’d changed our lives by grabbing onto an opportunity and making it happen. It’s not all sandy beaches and Mai Tai’s, though, no matter what the infomercials say. We were both living on a tropical island…but we were building our business on an island, too.

We had outsourcing clients, but not much of an online brand…nothing that connected with people. We originally started (our first online brand) “AdSense Flippers” and received an overwhelming response.  There are a TON of us out there building online empires (ours was through niche AdSense sites) and this gave us an opportunity to connect. In fact, we wrote a step-by-step guide that lays out our exact process for building niche websites and took us from $33.00 earned in December 2010 to more than $200K in 2012. You can pick up a free copy here:

Still struggling to build successful websites?

Our first 30 sites failed until we discovered the secrets you’ll learn in “Building A Niche Site Empire,” our step-by-step guide to creating valuable websites from scratch.

We soon found that our value proposition had grown beyond building niche sites and needed a brand that was more in-line with our audience and our business. And that’s how Empire Flippers was born!

Our goal here is to provide you the actionable information, tools, and mindset to help you buy and sell online businesses, revenue streams and, “empires”.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to build personal and financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals right alongside us.

Connect With Us

If you’re new here, we’d recommend you check out the Get Started page. We’ve included a ton of resources there to help you find your way around the site. I’d also suggest checking out our podcast on iTunes. We produce the show weekly and it contains some of our best work to date.

If you’d like to reach out or get involved in our community:

  • Say hi on Twitter - We’re on all the time and love to chat it up. We’re still working on our l33t tw1tt3r sk1ll5, maybe you can help us out?
  • Join us on Facebook - We share interesting posts, papers, and case studies we come across.  That and our crazy travel adventures.
  • Contact us directly - We love to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Shoot us an email @ info (at) trybpo – com.
  • Comment on the blog - We respond to (almost) every comment and are usually helpful there.
  • Sign up to our email list – You run the risk of us sending you spammy viagra links, of course, but we will give you our guide, “Building A Niche Site Empire” (More than 40,000 downloads!) for free. Plus…more than 10,000 people have done it, so it is the “cool” thing to do.

Joe And Justin

Living in SEAsia allows us to get away with do things that aren’t practical or possible in the US…at least for most of us. We’ve hung out with tigers and met cool entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, Thailand, sponsored an entire basketball league, and even put together our own charity boxing event with over 2,000 spectators. (The “Ka-Pow In Davao”, baby!)

Justin and Joe About 1

There’s a small but growing community of expat entrepreneurs around Davao City that we’ve been connecting with.  We have a regular mastermind group here in the Philippines, help out at local events like Blog Weekend Bootcamp and Social Media Day, and have an annual charity gift project we’ve put together the last few years.

Justin And Joe About 2

We love to meet other entrepreneurs so do let us know if you’re making it out to the Philippines and we’d love to meet with you.

Want to hear more about how we keep this crazy train a-chuggin’? If you’re new here, check out this page to find out more about how we fund our wild adventures.

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