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EFP 91: From The LAPD To A Multi-Million Dollar Empire (With Tim Bourquin)

EFP 91- From The LAPD To A Multi-Million Dollar Empire (With Tim Bourquin)

How did a cop with the LAPD end up building an empire and selling multiples businesses for millions of dollars? You’re going to like this week’s episode… This week we have Tim Bourquin on our podcast. Tim is the co-founder of, a platform that allows visitors to subscribe to your email list shortly after […]

EFP 90: On Time-Wasting Customers

EFP 90 On Time-Wasting Customers1

In our brokering business (and outsourcing business), there have been plenty of tire-kickers who don’t have the intention to spend money for a quality product or service but would still love to poke and see how much they can get out of you. These are the time-sucking, soul-crushing customers that no one likes to deal […]

Our Monthly Report – March 2014

EF Monthly Business Report March 2014

Welcome to our Monthly Business Report for March, 2014! We finished March strong with nearly $100K in online businesses sold and just over $50K in gross business revenue. While that’s not a significant change from previous months, it is interesting to note that the source of that revenue has shifted considerably from where we were […]

EFP 89: Entrepreneur Vs. Mini-Mogul Approach (With Ace Chapman)

EFP 89- Entrepreneur Vs. Mini-Mogul Approach (With Ace Chapman)

Entrepreneurs build businesses from scratch – that’s the way they roll, right? Not always… Starting from scratch can include unnecessary headaches and getting paid pennies before you see any real cash. Good thing that’s not the only approach… Meet the mini-mogul, the people who are buying websites that are already up and running and growing […]

EFP 88: Improving The Salability Of Your Online Business In 2014

EFP 88-Improving The Salability Of Your Online Business In 2014

We’re four months into 2014 already and it’s been a fast-paced year of change. For example, we’ve sold more than $240K worth of businesses already this year and have a renewed focus on our marketplace. With our shift to the marketplace and doubling down on website buyers and sellers, we wanted to talk more about […]

EFP 87: Building eCommerce Mini-Businesses (With StoreCoach’s Dave Hermansen)

EFP 87: Building eCommerce Mini-Businesses (With StoreCoach's Dave Hermansen)

Have you ever been interested in creating eCommerce websites? There’s no denying that eCommerce has been blowing up in popularity lately, but they’re definitely not as easy to setup as an AdSense site. You’ll want some guidance if you want to be successful in this space. Today, we’ve got Dave Hermansen from to join […]

We’re Hiring a New Apprentice – Marketplace Manager Wanted!


We’re hiring! Want to move to a tropical island and work on cool shit while we sip tropical drinks and talk business strategy? This might be the position for you! We are offering you the opportunity we wish we had when we started: a chance to live in an exotic location, work on sweet projects, […]

EFP 86: 5 Concepts Behind Niche Selection They’re Not Telling You

EFP 86: 5 Concepts Behind Niche Selection They're Not Telling You

When it comes to niche selection you’ll find people regurgitating the same facts  you’ve heard 1,000 times. Niche down! Get specific! Research the competition! We got it, thanks. Today, Joe and I talk about the deeper side of niche selection, the things no one tells you. These are things some “pros” might raise an eyebrow […]

Our Monthly Report – February 2014

Monthly Business Report Feb 2014

Welcome to our Monthly Business Report for February, 2014! February wasn’t that much different from January in terms of total revenue, but we spent much of the month planning and (in some cases) implementing changes that will likely have an effect around here for quite a while to come. As always, we’re happy to share […]

EFP 85: Selling Our Six-Figure Outsourcing Company

Selling Our Six-Figure Outsourcing Company

We finally pulled the trigger and listed our outsourcing company for sale. It wasn’t an easy decision, but deciding to focus on Empire Flippers means we had to make some sacrifices. Today, Joe and I share some details on the outsourcing company that we’re selling and break down what potential buyers need to know. We […]

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