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EFP 101: Retail Vs. Wholesale Marketing

EFP 101- Retail Marketing Vs Wholesale Marketing

“Do things that don’t scale.” -Paul Graham Most of the time entrepreneurs look for scalable processes they can implement so they can make more money and save more time. But what about the smaller, more focused attempts that can create super fans and evangelists more effectively? Joe and I talk about the benefits of low […]

Empire Workshops – Join Us In Vietnam On August 7th!

Empire Workshops August 2014

Want to join us and others for an in-person workshop? This is your chance! There’s something electrifying about getting sharp guys and gals in a room together. Whether it’s a mastermind, a full-on event, or an informal gathering of entrepreneurs, we’ve found a ton of value in meeting and connecting in person. Joe and I […]

EFP 100: Lessons Learned Building Million Dollar Empires

EFP 100- Lessons Learned Building Million Dollar Empires

Wow! When Joe and I got on the mic for our first podcast we never thought it would last 100 episodes. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. We wanted to do something a bit special this week. We reached out to 11 of our previous guests who, all together, are making more than 8 figures per […]

EFP 99: Building A Brand Empire (With Jordan Harbinger)

EFP 99- Building A Brand Empire

Today’s guest has been kidnapped twice, speaks 5 languages, and even has a voice spot in Grand Theft Auto IV. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also building an empire online through both personal and professional branding. Today we have Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm Podcast on our show and he’s done all the […]

Paid Ads Case Study: Retargeting Vs. Facebook Ads Vs. AfterOffers

Paid Ads Case Study: Retargeting vs Facebook ads vs AfterOffers

We’ve recently boarded the paid advertisement train and we’re finding great value in stepping away from focusing strictly on organic traffic. From an ROI perspective, if putting in $1 got us at least $2 (or more!) wouldn’t it make sense to pour money into the engine? It was interesting to stray away from the mainstream […]

EFP 98: Is Your Online Business Defensible?

Business Defensibility

How easily could your website or business model be copied and what would that do to your business? We get asked by listeners why we don’t just publicly list all the websites we have for sale and our answer always comes back to protecting the buyer. If we shared the information publicly, we’d be creating […]

Our Monthly Report – May 2014

Monthly Report May 2014

Welcome to our Monthly Business Report for May, 2014. We’ve continued to go through some changes in May and while we’ve seen our top-line revenue decline to just over $34K, we’re still holding strong as the new revenue comes in at much healthier profit margins. The goal will be to continue the transition through 2014 […]

EFP 97: Turning Cashflows Into Assets

EFP 97: Turning Cash Flow Into Assets

The concept of making your money work for you without your direct input isn’t new. It’s how businesses are made and it’s the sort of engine entrepreneurs want to create. Income that keeps coming in without having to involve you 24/7 sounds pretty good. Today, Joe and I talk about how to transition from owning […]

EFP 96: Your Blog Will Never Be A Business

EFP 96: Your Blog Will Never Be A Business

Have you ever decided to start a blog with the intention of building a business from it? Plenty of people do, and some are successful at it, but the odds of you striking gold is slim. Today, Joe and I talk about why most blogs will never become businesses. A lot of bloggers who are […]

Business Lesson #3: Losing A Lawsuit In The Philippines

Business Lesson #3: Losing A Lawsuit In The Philippines

We’ve been meaning to tell this story for a while. A few years ago, an ex-manager from our company in the Philippines sued us for 1,800,000 pesos (over $40K USD). The series of events dragged out over the course of several years. Here are some of the highlights: She managed and ran the early version of […]

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