The Empire Process

How to Buy a Website

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Once registered, we’ll send all the documentation you need to get familiar with our process and find you a profitable website.

Review Websites for Sale

Visit our Empire Marketplace to find the website that best fits you. Our sites vary from passive investments to more involved businesses.

Make a Deposit

Paying a 5%, fully-refundable deposit will get you access to everything you need to review your potential purchase (URL, Google Analytics, Proof of Earnings, etc.)

Review the Website

Take your time reviewing all of the documentation and performing your due diligence to make sure this purchase is right for you.

Make Your Purchase

Congratulations! We’ll walk you through the process of payment, transfer the site to you, and make sure you have the training necessary to make your purchase successful.

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The Empire Process

How to Sell a Website

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Once registered, we’ll send you all the documentation you need to get familiar with our process and sell your site.

Submit Your Website

After payment, you'll be redirected to our order form. Fill out all the information required so we can begin reviewing your site.

Listing Review & Approval

Sit back while our team reviews your submission to get your site listed. We’ll be in contact if we require anything additional for vetting or marketing purposes.

Publish & Accept Offers

We’ll promote your website to thousands of interested buyers and help you weed through the tire-kickers to find real investors.

Sell Your Website

Congratulations! We'll help negotiate and structure deals that get you top value and a lightning-fast close. We'll transfer your site to the new buyer for you.

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