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EFP 105: Debate – Local Vs. Distributed Teams: August 7th, 2014

EFP 105 Debate - Local Vs. Distributed Teams

The great debate, local vs. distributed teams. Although our business doesn’t require our local presence to run and we’ve hired outside of the city before, we’ve never taken ourselves out of the physical sphere of influence. The potential for us to physically remove ourselves is there and we’re only now moving that direction. Today, Joe […]

Paid Ads Case Study: Retargeting Vs. Facebook Ads Vs. AfterOffers: June 23rd, 2014

Paid Ads Case Study: Retargeting vs Facebook ads vs AfterOffers

We’ve recently boarded the paid advertisement train and we’re finding great value in stepping away from focusing strictly on organic traffic. From an ROI perspective, if putting in $1 got us at least $2 (or more!) wouldn’t it make sense to pour money into the engine? It was interesting to stray away from the mainstream […]

EFP 69: Cutting Down Bullshit Work And Building Up Business Resilience: November 7th, 2013

Cutting Out The Bullshit

Have you ever procrastinated for days (or weeks) on a project that would only take a few hours to complete? Ever passed of BS work to a virtual assistant, employee, or Intern that might not need to be done at all? Joe and I sit down this week to discuss plenty of mistakes we’ve made […]

EFP 62: How To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant: September 5th, 2013

How To Hire Your First VA

If you’re secretly worried about your first Virtual Assistant “hire” – we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. What if he or she sucks? What if you don’t have enough work for your VA to do? How do you choose someone that’s likely to LAST? Joe and I are on the ground in […]

EFP 61: Empire Building Series – Billy Murphy From ForeverJobless: August 22nd, 2013

Empire Builer Series Like A Boss

How do you go about building an honest-to-goodness online empire? That’s the question we aim to answer as part of our new “Empire Building” series on the podcast. First up, we’ve got Billy Murphy from To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure about this interview going into it. Sure, he’d been on Mixergy, had […]

EFP 48: 8 Characteristics Of A High-Impact Outsourcing Relationship: May 23rd, 2013

High Impact Outsourcing

1. Wonderfully Successful 2. Horrible Nightmare When talking to business owners about outsourcing, we’ll inevitably hear a story describing one (or both) of those scenarios. Why are the experiences had so vastly different? Joe and I have been on both sides of the fence, both as an outsourcing provider and a customer. We wanted to […]

EFP: 46 – Building Bad-Ass Business Systems With James Schramko: May 10th, 2013

Building Business Systems With James Schramko

Having moving pieces and keeping those pieces in check is a key differentiator between having a real business and being self-employed. Joe and I talk about our business systems quite often, but today we wanted to sit down with someone we know runs a well-oiled machine. We invited James Schramko on the show to discuss […]

EFP 44: Building A Profitable Business Through Leveraging The Philippines: April 25th, 2013

Empire Flippers And Chris Ducker In Davao

A few weeks ago, Joe and I hosted our Philippines mastermind right here in Davao City. In addition to getting (and giving) some great feedback about our businesses, we had the chance to sit down for a round table discussion with Chris from and are sharing that conversation with you here today. There’s literally […]

Screw Passive Income – Try Active Income Instead: November 16th, 2012

CD Baby homepage in 1998

Everyone dreams of passive income when first starting their online business. It’s ok…we did it too. The dream of sitting on a beach on some tropical island while the money rolls in is enticing for obvious reasons. The “earn while you sleep” message is drilled into our heads by the same people who would rather […]

Our USP: Building Human Machines: November 2nd, 2012

Slide 1

You may have noticed that Joe and I have been a bit off the radar in the last couple of weeks. In addition to taking a much-needed holiday in Thailand, we had the wonderful opportunity to present at the Dynamite Circle event in Bangkok where we were able to share our story and experiences with […]