November 17, 2014

You’ve tried online valuation tools before, right?

Have you noticed how some websites make nothing but end up massively over-priced after they go through the calculations?

Check out what happens when we put my personal website into three different valuation tools:

Website Valuation Tool 1 Results

How Much is My Website Worth? - Website Valuation Tool 1

Website Valuation Tool 2 Results

Website Valuation Tool 2

Website Valuation Tool 3 Results

Website Valuation Tool 2

Although the website isn’t monetized in any way and the website is heavily reliant on my personal brand, these tools claim it’s worth anywhere between $4.4K and $19K.

Something’s not right…

Most website valuation tools give too much weight to Alexa rank and estimated traffic numbers from tools like SEMRush. They automate and spit out numbers that are meaningless because they don’t account for the one metric that matters most:

Monthly net profit

How Much Is Your Website REALLY Worth?

You no longer have to rely on vague valuation tools that pull numbers out of thin air (using automated queries and estimates from SEMrush and Alexa). We’ve spent months working on a tool that uses actual data to give you an accurate valuation.

Introducing our Empire Valuation Tool:

Valuation Tool Screenshot

Finally – a valuation tool that looks at primary metrics for valuation.

Our tool takes into account:

  • Your site’s age
  • Monthly earnings
  • Monthly expenses
  • Monthly unique visitors
  • Seasonality
  • Email subscribers
  • Monetization method
  • Hours worked per week

Instead of using guesstimates from websites like Alexa, our valuation tool tells you how much your website is worth using actual data you input.

It values a website the same way an actual buyer would, using the factors that influence a buyer’s decision most.

Website buyers rely on solid numbers like monthly earnings and unique visitors to valuate a website.

Buyers don’t use Alexa rankings or estimated SEMrush traffic numbers when making an offer for a website.

After going through all the steps, you’ll receive an email with your website’s valuation along with feedback on what could be improved.

We’d really appreciate it if you could help us by filling out a short survey after checking your site’s value:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does the Valuation Tool give me a range instead of a specific number?

You can’t predict an exact number that your website is worth because in the end, a website is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. This tool gives you an idea of how much you could expect to realistically sell for.

Why does the tool ask for _____ but not _____?

For now, we use the website’s age, net profit, visitors, seasonality, email subscribers, and hours worked per week to calculate the valuation. These are the factors that most buyers in our marketplace use to determine the value of a website purchase.

What’s the formula / how do you determine the valuation?

You can download our spreadsheet of the current calculations here.

When are you going to use this tool to price the websites you sell on your marketplace?

We’re going to move to the tool to price our marketplace listings as soon as possible (early 2015.) The valuation you receive from our tool does not guarantee that it will be the price we list your website for on our marketplace. We will determine your website’s final price at the last step of the vetting process.

If you have any questions about the Valuation Tool, hit us up in the comments below!

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  1. […] calculated a reasonable asking price using the valuation tool and the payday sounds promising. But as eager as you are to offload your site, you’ve forgotten […]

  2. Vishal says:

    These website valuation tools might not be providing exact price of a domain or website but they can give a slight idea about them, such as domain age, alexa rank, and few others. These website are basically shows SEO data for website and should be treated that way only. I think before buying or selling a website or a domain name, it’s always better to consult professionals in the field rather than relying on such website worth calculators. A deeper study is always required before spending a dime on anything.

  3. Joseph Ho says:

    Hey guys great tool and congrats on your launch!

  4. Just tried the valuation tool for one of my sites. Like Walt in the comments above, I was very surprised to see that PR was even in there! Surely you guys know that PR is completely irrelevant these days.

    One other suggestion – maybe have check boxes instead of a pull down menu for Monetization Method… for sites that have more than one method. Or just call that the “Main” monetization method.

    Overall – I liked the tool. I’ve never used any other valuation tools before and pretty much did the quick 20x calculation in my head to determine my sites values. This tool seemingly makes that calculation official at least in my head. Thanks man!

  5. Mushfiq S says:

    Just wondering, how do you consider seasonal websites? I checked the spreadsheet but did not see anything being done with that info.

    In your opinion, are seasonal sites less valuable?

    • Hey Mushfiq,

      We’ve removed seasonality from the tool for now as our tool didn’t take it into account. It was something we thought we may want to implement in the future so we wanted to have the option there for now. Since we’re not using it, we decided to temporarily remove it until it plays a part in the valuation.

  6. Walt says:

    Looks like a great tool, but why is PR taken into consideration?

    Google won’t be updating PR anymore, at least not publicly.

  7. Tung says:

    Congrats on the launch of this tool guys!

    It seems pretty cool and more accurate than all the crappy tools on the market right now.

    Would love to feature it on Cloud Living soon! (waiting for Vincent)

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