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Empire Building 101

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If this is your first time here, let me give you the short and sweet version of what we do before we get down and dirty with the details.

We’re website brokers with a successful marketplace that lists established and profitable sites/businesses for sale.

Not ready to buy a site or sell one yourself? Empire Flippers will also give you the skills you need to build, buy, and sell businesses/websites online. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to build personal and financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones and we’re committed to helping you get there.

Join To Receive:

  • Building A Niche Site Empire Guide – The most comprehensive guide on building profitable niche sites. We share our exact process and give you every tool, tip, and trick you’ll need to get started right away. With more than 20K downloads, you can have it today…for free…as our gift to you.
  • Our Private Tips, Tricks And Strategies – You’ll find we give a ton of value away on our site, but there are some things that are better kept in private! This is where you’ll get the stuff we don’t post publicly.
  • Worksheets, Documents, and Analysis – We share a ton of stuff sprinkled throughout the blog, but this allows us to send you our best stuff, succinctly, direct to your email inbox.

“Building A Niche Site Empire” – 40,000+ Downloads – Yours, Free

Profitable niche ideas, step-by-step keyword research, and our exact process for creating valuable websites from scratch.

Our Projects

Since starting Empire Flippers we’ve been able to expand our brand to better support you in building your online empire. Here are a few of the ways we can help your business grow:

  • Marketplace: Websites For Sale – We provide a marketplace for you to buy and sell profitable revenue streams and mini-businesses.
  • Empire Products & Services – Need help with keyword research? Want some help ordering/editing/publishing content? Leverage our offshore team to continue to build and grow your empire online.
  • Our Blog – We share our business strategy, tactics, and case studies. Real-life insights from guys running an honest-to-goodness biz in the Philippines.
  • Our Podcast – Our highly-rated, weekly iTunes podcast!  Lend us your ear(buds) and we’ll give you 30-40 minutes of rock-solid content every week.
  • IntelliTheme – The ultimate theme built for niche sites. Built by us, for us. Smart…so you don’t have to be!

Let’s Go Deeper

Ready to dig in? Below you’ll find a selection of our finest essays, posts, podcast episodes and case studies to help you grow your business.

Building Niche Sites

  • Debate: Niche Sites Vs. Authority Sites - One of our most popular posts of all time. We hosted a debate between Steve Scott and Mike From Maine regarding site building…fascinating nuggets here.

Selling Niche Sites

Business Strategy

  • Episode 28: Business Idea Faceoff – Our Intern hammers Joe and I about how we would get started again with very little capital.  A fun episode and recommended for those looking at ideas to get started.

Expanded Sites

Team Building / Outsourcing

  • 4 StartUp Hires Gone Wrong – We’ll dig into 4 team hires that didn’t work out so well for the founders and look at what they could have done better.
  • Episode 9: Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing – A rundown of tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid when outsourcing your business. Having run an outsourcing company for years, we’ve seen quite a bit and definitely have some advice if you’re just getting started!

Connect With Us!

As part of our “Be Everywhere” strategy, you can find us on:

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You can also just contact us directly or email us @ info (at) trybpo dot com.  Are you heading to the Philippines soon? (Or Davao City specifically?)  We’d love to meet you! Let us know and we’ll set something up…first drink’s on us! Join us to get our kick-ass content, fresh in your inbox!

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