Greg Elfrink

February 4, 2019

So you’ve just bought or sold a business.

The hunt to find the deal, the thrill of negotiations, and the rush of excitement upon completing the offer leaves you with an emotional high of sorts.

Then a single word flares in your mind that causes you to come crashing down . . .


It might not be that exact word, but the thought is still there. All of your excitement dissipates as you realize that now you need to undertake the most tedious aspect of buying or selling an online business: transitioning the entire asset over to a new owner.

It could be an affiliate site where every affiliate link needs to be changed over to accommodate a new tracking code, or an Amazon FBA business that requires a laborious process to transfer the business over to the new owner. Maybe it’s a SaaS business that needs on-boarding training coordinated and handled.

It can be a pretty annoying finale for a thing as exciting as buying or selling an online business.

This is why we’re announcing something that we think you’re going to like.


Let Us Take That off Your Hands: Migration as a Service (MaaS)

There have been countless instances where someone has messaged me on Facebook, emailed our customer service team, or talked to one of our business analysts over the phone to ask this one question:

If I buy or sell an online business privately, could I pay you to handle the migration for me?

Traditionally, we have always said no when answering this question.

Now the tide has turned, and we are testing out a new service.

We are opening the doors for anyone to use our world-class migrations department for support when transferring a business to a new owner. We remain the only brokerage in the industry that assists buyers and sellers with this particular portion of the deal, from start to finish.

While we strive to remain the industry leader when it comes to actually making deals, we also want to be able to help people who are looking to buy or sell privately, who just want an expert overlooking the crucial final moments.

If you’re curious to learn what our migration people can do, here are all the businesses we have successfully migrated after being sold on our marketplace:

And, to be honest, if your business type is not listed above . . . we probably still know how to migrate it.

We have helped with the transition of nearly a thousand businesses over the last few years, so it is an understatement to say that we know what to do in this line of work.

We are aware of the obstacles faced by each of these monetization options, the common mistakes that people make, and, most importantly for you, how to navigate through all of the challenges people encounter.


How Much Does it Cost to Hire our MaaS Team?

What is the price tag to have true peace of mind over the deal you just finalized?

Well, our world class experts can certainly offer you that peace of mind, but you’ll have to pay a premium price.

Our migrations team routinely migrates dozens of businesses that have been sold on our marketplace every single week.

This small, talented team is incredibly busy helping our current customers who have already bought or sold businesses through our brokerage, but, for a premium fee, you, too, can have access to their help, not just for deals catalyzed through us, but for any deal you make.

Price Breakdown for MaaS


A Quick FAQ to Migration as a Service

Will Your MaaS Product Manage Earn-Outs?


We will help you with the leverage needed to ensure that your buyer pays out, or provides the promised support. For bigger businesses, especially those over a million dollars, owners often have to go through an earn-out or seller financing process to finish the deal.

We know those pains, and we can help keep your transaction smooth.

We will handle your private earn-out like we treat earn-outs for deals made on our marketplace. We will withdraw the appropriate commission only when the seller is paid.


What’s the Difference Between Having Your Team Migrate My Private Deal Versus a Deal Made in Your Marketplace?

As far as our MaaS product goes, there is no difference with what we would do for off marketplace deals and deals sold on our marketplace.

You will have access to the same migration resources and contacts that our current buyers and sellers can access.

Our migration team will treat the business they’re migrating as if the business was sold with us.

Now, there are a few other things that can happen during a migration that we would usually take care of, but will not resolve for off-marketplace deals. These situations usually involve the buyer or seller getting cold feet—discovering inaccuracies or deciding for any other reason that they want to reverse the deal.

In these re-negotiation situations between buyers and sellers, our sales team would step in to help with negotiations and get the deal back on track. Selling or buying a business is often a BIG emotional decision, and even the smoothest deal often has obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome.

If this happens while you’re using our services to migrate an off-marketplace business, then you will need to step in personally to negotiate with the other party yourself and tell us the verdict.

Of course, if you want the extra blanket of security knowing that our sales team has your back, the better option would be to simply sell your business with us or buy from our marketplace.


Who Pays for the Service? The Seller or the Buyer?

When someone sells a business on our marketplace, that person pays the commission fee. However, this arrangement is not true for someone hiring us for off-marketplace migrations. In these cases, the seller or the buyer can pay our fee, or the two parties can come to an agreement and split the payment. Buyers often desire migration services, so we want to ensure that our MaaS product is something that can be purchased for any deal.


What Happens During a Reversal?

If the deal that you’ve brought to us ends up being reversed for any reason, we will still earn commission. However, this is not the case if you decide to sell your business with us, since we are only paid for the successful sale of the business.

When it comes to migration as a service, though, requesting a specific service will warrant payment no matter the outcome of the deal. Since there are so many factors outside of our control when providing this service, it doesn’t make sense for us to receive payment only upon the successful sale of a business if our sales team was neither involved with the deal itself, nor ended up vetting the business.


Isn’t This Service Pretty Expensive? Why Charge Such a High Price?


You might be wondering WHY it is so expensive, and the reason is simple: As I mentioned above, the members of our migration team are world-class experts in this field, and every week they are busy migrating all businesses sold on our marketplace.

In order to offer this as a standalone service, it has to carry a premium price tag. With that said, these prices still make sense to us when considering the peace of mind that will result from hiring us for a migration.

Now, if you want me to be honest, the best deal in the industry is simply buying or selling your business through us from the beginning. Ultimately, that is the best possible deal.

However, if you truly need our MaaS team to do the heavy lifting for an off-marketplace deal, we’ve now got your back.

Interested in Buying or Selling? Click to Create Your Account


How Do You Hire Us for MaaS?

If you’re ready to get started, the simplest way to hire us for a private migration is simply to set up a call with us.

During that call, we can tell you what documentation you’ll need, how to wire us the money as payment, and we can introduce you to our migrations team.

If you want the peace of mind we offer for ALL deals you make, now you can take advantage of our systems which will allow you to instead focus on using your business to make money.

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Greg Elfrink

Director of Marketing

Gregory joined Empire Flippers in April 2016 as the Content Manager. He manages the flow of content surrounding our brand – blog posts, guides, podcasts etc. – from producing the content to promoting it. His goal is to grow the reach of the company and introduce us to new audiences. Gregory was born in Anchorage, Alaska where he worked in the oil fields and now travels around Southeast Asia. He loves fiction, science and in his free time he moonlights as a novelist.

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