IntelliTheme Contest Winners And Christmas Giveaway

Justin Cooke Justin Cooke December 11, 2012

IntelliTheme Contest Winners And Christmas Giveaway

You probably saw our recent post on the launch of IntelliTheme and we just wanted to send out a huge thank you for the overwhelming support you’ve given in the last few weeks. The tweets of support, emails, and blog posts have been phenomenal and remind us why we were looking to release the theme in the first place!

We originally planned for it to be a true “launch” that included a marketing sequence, tons of interviews, etc. but, in the end, we figured it better to just put the product on the shelf and get back to business. The response has been outstanding and we really appreciate your support!

Now…on to the contest winners!

The winners of a free copy of IntelliTheme are:

Winner #1: Ryan Kerrian

Ryan tweet

Winner #2: Sudarmaji Lamiran

Sudarmaji tweet

Winner #3: Michael (@muszleit on Twitter)

Michael comment

Please feel free to contact us via email, our Contact Us page, or on Twitter and we’ll get you your copy of IntelliTheme right away!

Christmas Giveaway

Yepit’s that time of year again!

Those of you who have been with us a while know that this month marks our two year anniversary of niche site creation! We started this as a side-project in December 2010 and have been amazed at how quickly it’s grown and how deeply it’s resonated with all of you.

Most of you know that we live and work in Davao City, Philippines…one of the poorest regions in one of the poorest countries on earth. It’s a fantastic place with amazing people but, there’s no doubt about it…many struggle here and are preparing for a pretty rough Christmas.

Last year, we decided to something a little different by going to some of the poorest places in Davao and giving away gifts to the children in those areas. Nobody knew we were coming and it was an absolutely amazing experience for both the kids and for us. Here’s a video we made from the event in 2011:

This was something we did locally for fun, but so many of you asked how you could get involved last year that we’ve decided to open it up and invite you to help us! Many of the toys cost anywhere from $1.50 – $5.00 and we put in all the work ourselves, so 100% of the money goes directly to the kids who needed it the most.

Christmas GiveawayChristmas Giveaway Contest

Instead of just asking for money or charity, we thought we’d help out by providing prizes to anyone who joins us! Ok, here’s what we’re offering:

  • Grand Prize: 1 AdSense Flippers niche site (Approximate value: $200)
  • First Prize: 3 copies of IntelliTheme

Here’s how it works:

  • For every $10 Donation – 1 raffle ticket to win a copy of IntelliTheme
  • For every $20 Donation – 1 raffle ticket to win a niche site

So, for example, if you donate $50.00, you’ll get 2 raffle tickets for a niche site and 5 raffle tickets for IntelliTheme!  You can join in the contest right now! CLOSED

We’re looking to raise at least $600.00 and could really use your help! I know times are tough everywhere, but if you can afford to give even a little I assure you it will go a long way. Last year, we purchased toys priced $2 – $5…so even a $20 donation could buy toys for 6-8 kids who would really appreciate it.

Note: If you’re in Davao or the Philippines and would like to help out, please email us! We could use your help wrapping presents, handing out gifts, etc.

The contest will close on Tuesday, December 18th so please donate right away! CLOSED

Even if you just can’t afford it this year, please help us by sharing and spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any of the other social sites that you like to hang out at!

Interested in Buying or Selling? Click to Create Your Account

 “I support the @adsenseflippers Christmas Gift Project and you should too! Check it out!” – Click To Tweet!


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  1. […] our first post about this, we’d mentioned we’d have a raffle for 3 copies of IntelliTheme and one niche site. […]

  2. […] kids.  You can find out more about the project (and have a chance of winning a niche site from us) by clicking here…or you could […]

  3. Dr. Niche says:

    This is a great and worthy cause. I hope the needy children in Davao enjoy their new toys for Christmas. I will be in Mindanao for Christmas with my wife (Ozamiz City). One day soon I’ll stop by Davao and give you guys a shout. I wanted to make sure these kids got what they deserved, so I bumped you to your goal. God bless all the individuals in your organization that make this charitable effort possible. BTW, I am really enjoying the IntelliTheme install on my niche sites. I plan on purchasing a license so I can install it on more sites. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and good luck in 2013…

    Dr. Rod

  4. Haven’t heard much about Intellithemes before, but thanks for the mention. Gonna surely checking it out!

  5. Congrats on more IntelliTheme success guys!

    Oh and I shared this as best I could! Thanks for doing this and letting us get the chance to make some smiles. Merry Christmas guys!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Richard!

      And thank you for joining us…we’re going to have a blast again this year, I’m sure, and the kids will LOVE it…thank you again!!

  6. muszleit says:

    Now this is great… i was just trying to remember if i did indeed attend this giveaway when i opened your email. I never thought i would actually win. Thanks Guys, you rock!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      You definitely did! :-)

      Thank you for participating and congratulations on winning a copy!

      • muszleit says:

        I meant what i said. Most of my business’s success revolves around beeing straight forward and honest to my clients. Even if i might have earned this, you guys are doing all the legwork and i really like how you do it. Keep it up.

        I only have Joe’s email. I will contact him for further assistance :-)

        best regards


        • JustinWCooke says:

          Absolutely, Michael.

          Both our outsourcing business and our readers/listeners here are with us based on trust and there’s nothing more important to us than making sure we maintain that trust.

          Shoot us an email and we’ll get you the theme within the next day or so info At TryBPO dot com.

  7. Tweeted and about to share on fb, looking forward to handing out those toys!

    Oh and I thought we agreed to rig the Intellitheme give away so I would win? Next time I guess.

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