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New To The Exciting Investment Opportunities In The Online Business World?

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What is Empire Flippers Capital?

Well Empire Flippers Capital was created for people like you.

People who would like to invest in online businesses and make killer returns without necessarily having the time or skills to do so. 

And the best part? 

We make it easy and passive!

We do all the hard work so that you, our investors, get to reap the most rewards for minimal effort.

Talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

Our Round 4 Deals currently offer Content, Amazon FBA and KDP monetizations and we recommend investing across all available deals in order to diversify your portfolio and mitigate risks.


A Brief History on EFC

EF Capital started at the beginning of 2021, with one goal in mind – connect investors with experienced portfolio managers who do what they do best – acquire, grow, and sell online businesses. 

Since then, EFC has gone on to raise over $18.5M across 3 Rounds of Fundraising.

And the results have been exceptional.

Round 1 deals have averaged 15% annual cash returns and that too in the middle of a recession!


Investors’ faith in the model has been repaid, and this is what one investor had to say:

“With EFC I’ve gotten consistent cash returns, diversified my portfolio and gotten exposure to an exciting new asset class all completely passively.” – Kevin Roberts

Up to 50% of investment in any given fundraising round comes from previous investors.

In order to invest, all investors have to do is set up their account in our platform (2 mins), view the available deals in our current Round 4 of fundraising, wire money to their EF Wallet, and invest in any and all deals. 

And you might not want to waste time. One of the deals, #8021 by Mohit Tater, has already been fully funded and is now closed for further investment. 

The rest of the deals across the Amazon FBA and KDP monetizations are filling up quickly too and will be closing soon as the fundraise nears its completion. 

Oh and if you need help or advise at any point, our expert Investment Advisors will be more than happy to get in touch with you. 

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A little background on our Round 4 Portfolio Managers & Deals

Our EF Capital Portfolio Managers are diligently vetted and are superstars in their respective monetizations . They also share the same fundamental acquisition criteria, but how each of them approaches growing their portfolios is widely different. We interviewed each Portfolio Manager to understand the philosophy behind how they work.

Deal 8018: Going against the uncertain economy

Felipe: “We target the beauty, pet care, baby, and fashion niches because people buy emotionally. The trends of sales don’t follow the trends of the economy. During the pandemic, sales for beauty products went up, not down.”

Deal 8019: Low-risk, high-reward

Adrian: “We follow Amazon’s policies as closely as possible. And we don’t acquire businesses that are heavily reliant on one or two SKUs. We’re focused on businesses and strategies that have a better risk-return profile and capital preservation is a big part of that. We believe we can achieve our target returns by taking on lower risk by optimizing what the business already has.

Deal 8020: Creative quick wins in an alternative category

Andres: “KDP just launched A+ content, so there could be potential there. We focus on quick wins through conversion rate optimization (CRO). Also, small tweaks to covers and interior files to increase conversions and profits. I have a super talented graphic designer who creates covers and A+ content, and I have a creative history.”

Deal 8021: Grow, stabilize, then maintain

Mohit: “We work on CRO and content optimization in months 1-3 in the growth phase. Then we get into the stabilization phase in months 4-12 where we optimize old content while still consistently adding new content. Months 13-24 will be where we reap the rewards from the work done in the growth and stabilization stages.

Every one of these portfolio managers has a proven track record of success. They’ve built their own way to generate returns on investments and all of them work.

If you’d like to take your capital away from the heat of inflation, talk to the EFC team to discuss the details of the deals.

Don’t Want to Miss Out?

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