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Paid Ads Case Study: Retargeting Vs. Facebook Ads Vs. AfterOffers: June 23rd, 2014

Paid Ads Case Study: Retargeting vs Facebook ads vs AfterOffers

We’ve recently boarded the paid advertisement train and we’re finding great value in stepping away from focusing strictly on organic traffic. From an ROI perspective, if putting in $1 got us at least $2 (or more!) wouldn’t it make sense to pour money into the engine? It was interesting to stray away from the mainstream […]

EFP 83: Targeting Your Nemesis And Stealing Market Share: February 20th, 2014

EFP 83- Targeting Your Nemesis And Stealing Market Share

So you want to grow your business? You want to have some of what your biggest competitor’s having? Well, you’re going to have to do some heavy lifting and perhaps a bit of dirty (but 100% legal/whitehat) work. Today, we talk about how to target your nemeses and steal some of their sweet, delicious market […]

Why You Should Charge More (Or Nothing At All): February 3rd, 2014

Resort And Private Beach

Some of our worst customers pay the least. It comes down to expectations – they’ve paid us and they feel entitled to get as much of our time/resources as they possibly can. That’s fine when we’re talking about a few thousand dollars, but when I’m 15 emails deep in a Gmail string for a product […]

Flippa’s Pricing Increase – What Sellers Need To Know: January 23rd, 2014

Flippa Email About Listing Fees

Don’t you hate it when people try to pass bad news off as good? Flippa recently published a blog post and sent out an email announcing a decrease in their listing fee. Nothing wrong with that, eh? Except that’s not the WHOLE story. They also dropped these little gems: 5% success fee doubled to 10% […]

EFP 78: Leveraging Storytelling In Your Business – Interview With Sean Buvala: January 16th, 2014

Sean Buvala

How can you leverage stories in your business? They’re for kids or liars telling “stories”, right? They’re not for entrepreneurs who want to make some cash. Turns out business storytelling is a versatile weapon that can be used to attract the right crowd, make people believe in your product, and of course, make you money. […]

We’re Hiring! Marketing Apprentice Wanted: July 25th, 2013

Marketing Apprentice Philippines

We’re hiring! Want to move to a tropical island and work on cool shit while we sip tropical drinks and talk business strategy? This might be the position for you! We are offering you the opportunity we wished we’d had when we started: a chance to live in an exotic location, work on sweet projects, […]

Bootstrapping & Documentaries: Avoiding The Dark Side: May 21st, 2013

Bootstrapping And Documentaries

There’s something about documentary film as an art form that’s fascinating. I was thinking about this recently – we can draw some clear parallels between bootstrapped entrepreneurs and documentary film makers that may help all of us perfect our craft. I’ve always watched documentaries but, in recent months, I’ve devoured most of the VICE documentaries […]

EFP 47: 8 Strategies To Bake Engagement Into Your Business: May 16th, 2013

Engaged Customers

Joe and I have both spent quite a bit of time in recent weeks talking to other entrepreneurs and business owners. A common theme seemed to be a struggle when it comes to building buzz and engagement with prospects and customers. While we’re not experts at brand engagement, we wanted to sit down and share […]

EFP: 46 – Building Bad-Ass Business Systems With James Schramko: May 10th, 2013

Building Business Systems With James Schramko

Having moving pieces and keeping those pieces in check is a key differentiator between having a real business and being self-employed. Joe and I talk about our business systems quite often, but today we wanted to sit down with someone we know runs a well-oiled machine. We invited James Schramko on the show to discuss […]

IntelliTheme: Behind The Scenes On A $50K Launch: May 2nd, 2013

IntelliTheme Case Study

Joe and I recently went through a full-on launch of IntelliTheme that included hundreds of thousands of emails going out, more than 1,000 sales, and nearly $50K in gross revenue in one week. It’s been an amazing experience and now that it’s over, I’d like to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how […]